Resources Agenda 3rd March 2016

Castlewood School Governing Body

Resources Committee, Castlewood Road, Southwester, West Sussex, RH13 9US, Telephone: 01403 734822, Fax: 01403 734978.

Chair: Nicola Brown    Vice Chair:  Clare Quinlisk  

Our School’s key strengths:

Care, guidance and support at all levels: Team Work

Creative Curriculum and enrichment opportunities

Positive behaviour – inside and outside of school


Resources Committee Meeting - Thursday 3rd March 2016 at 7pm


                                                                                                                                                                  Max Time                Lead 

1.     Apologies for absence and Declarations of Pecuniary Interests  2 mins  NB

2.     Schools Financial Value Standard Approval (SFVS)  10 mins  JS/CR Document provided for governors to review ahead of the meeting  

3.     Budget update/provisional close for end of financial year 15/16  20 mins  JS/CR

4.     Approval of School Fund Accounts  5 mins  CR

5.     Approval of delegation of financial powers and duties of GB  2 mins  SS

6.     Matters arising from previous meeting on 14th January 2016   5 mins  NB

7.     Approval of minutes from previous meeting 14th January 2016  2 mins  NB


Action detail



JS to send BA the framework for the new M6b level for inclusion within the Pay Policy.



Load acronyms document onto governor website.



Review and re-publish the personal information on each governor on the main school website, in addition to the statutory table.



Complete the Safer Recruitment training online.



Amend the date on the Misuse of Drugs policy, and send all 3 approved policies to the school office.



Review/amend access to the governor’s website for LB as she has had problems logging in.



JS to email BA a copy of the Safeguarding report, for input regarding governor training completed. A copy of the report is to be made available on the governor’s website.



Email the governors re support needed for the crèche for the February parent consultation evenings.



Update the training records with completed training, as advised in the meeting.


8.     Staffing Update  2 mins  JS

9.     Premises & Health and Safety Update  5 mins  JS (including School Keep Clear Programme – copy of Letter to Parents provided)

10.  Update on Governor Visits, including informal visits  5 mins  All

11.  Policies; review and approval of;  10 mins  MP

Provided ahead of the meeting:-

-      Accessibility Strategy

-      Managing Allegations against other pupils Policy

-      Safeguarding Policy                                                                               

12.  Berkeley Home Development Update  5 mins  JS             

13.  Safeguarding including review accident book  5 mins  WM                                                                         

14.  Easy Lunch hot dinner provision update  5 mins  JS

15.  School events requiring governor support  2 mins  JS

16.  Training and Locality Courses  2 mins  NB

17.  AOB

Additional Meeting Papers provided:-

-      Previous Minutes from 14/01/16

-      Policies x 3 (Accessibility Strategy, Managing Allegations against other Pupils and Safeguarding)

-      Schools Financial Value Standard (SFVS)

-      Letter to Parents regarding School Keep Clear programme

Dates of next meetings:

Thursday 10th March

7pm - Q&S Committee


Wednesday - 23rd March

7pm - FGB Meeting


Thursday 21st April

7pm – Q&S Committee


Thursday 28th April

7pm – Resources Committee


Priorities 2015/16

Embed tracking system

Enable Lower Ability pupils to accelerate

Raise parental expectation



What difference have we made to the school through what we have discussed today?

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