Resources Minutes 11th Jun 2015




Thursday 11th June 2015


Present: Chair - Sarah Speed (SS), Nicki Brown (NB), Julia Slocombe (JS), Chris Noble (CN), Wendy Mason (WM), Andy Guy (AG), Gillian Knight (GK), Ian Howard (IH) Julie Wallace (JW)

Clerk: Becky Atkinson (BA)

Meeting Commenced:       19.00 

1.    Apologies for Absence and Declarations of Pecuniary Interest

Apologies were received from Clare Quinlisk and Mary Page; the Committee accepted these. No declarations of pecuniary interest were made.

2.    Approval of Minutes from previous meeting 30th April 2015

All Governors present approved the minutes as a true record of the meeting.

3.    Matters arising from previous meeting 30th April 2015





Ensure Dedicated Schools Grant update is on the agenda for 11/6 Resources Meeting - ACTIONED



Circulate a copy of the briefing papers from WSCC regarding the DSG - ACTIONED



Speak with WSCC about trial period for job share request for 2 days a week. ACTIONED* see comments under Staffing Update (agenda item 4)



Update Reconstitution model in respect of the 1 Staff Governor who moves into the Core model – WM to replace CN. NO ACTION TAKEN – decision made to keep CN as Core Staff Governor for FGB in July.



Send BA new model complaints policy, to be sent on to all Governors. IN PROGRESS, policy currently with MP for review and is on the agenda for FGB in July. ACTION CLOSED



Ensure New Model Complaints Policy is on the agenda for FGB in July, for approval. ACTIONED


4.    Staffing Update

§  JS confirmed that the school is fully staffed for September, including cleaning staff.

§  A teacher has been appointed as PPA cover for Year 6, via the agency.

§  JS has spoken to WSCC regarding a trial period for part time working as a result of discussions held with the governors at the last committee meeting. Guidance has been provided in order to ensure that specific key areas (such as whether the arrangement has a detrimental impact on Education and Learning) are reviewed and measured during the trial period in order that an informed decision can be made to agree to the part time working arrangement on a permanent basis. A letter has been sent to the member of staff informing them of this. The Governors noted that this has been a useful learning experience, and they are happy that the process is robust.

5.    Premises Update

JS reported that there are no current problems or issues, just on-going maintenance around the school. The governors noted this, and praised Peter Stallibrass for keeping on top of things.

6.    PDP key areas

Handout provided. JS and NB explained the process for the governors; this is an annual meeting with a standard agenda.

§  It was noted that padding has been installed in doorways to prevent fingers being trapped in doors.

§  A thorough examination of the glass was undertaken to ensure the appropriate kite marks were present.

§  One governor asked about the staff room being under-sized, and whilst this is recognised, there are no funds or plans to make any changes particularly as pupil numbers are not likely to increase.

§  A discussion followed regarding the boilers – it is noted by the governors that the boilers are old.

§  The Committee thanked Mr Stallibrass for the care and quality in which he maintains the school.

7.    Dedicated Schools Grant

WSCC recently held a meeting regarding this, which NB attended. The following points were presented and noted by the governors:-

§  Likely to be a standstill budget with no increase.

§  A new formula for schools funding is being discussed but no plans for changes yet.

§  There is a funding gap for Higher Needs/Special Schools.

§  The guidance from WSCC is to maximise the income for the school; selling skills and considering lettings.

§  The Committee recognised the importance of succession planning for future staff turnover – in line with this, JS informed the governors of additional income via Student Teachers from Chichester University.

§  A discussion followed regarding the potential for a Finance Audit at the school given that the last one was in 2008 – the governors commented that the school is in good shape, they discussed the SFVS process which is completed annually and were in agreement that the school finances were managed well.

§  NB informed the governors that one of the actions from the last Audit was to ensure that two signatories were required on the School Fund account and it was noted that this is now in place.

The Committee members thanked NB for attending the meeting.

8.    Summer H&S report

IH provided an update following his recent Health and Safety visit to the school and there are no issues or items that require attention – the report had been circulated to the governors prior to the meeting.

The governors expressed thanks to Mr Stallibrass.

ACTION – BA to file the report in the Monitoring Visits file.

9.    Safeguarding and Accident book update

WM provided an update – it was noted that there were no significant instances that require action. There had been a rise in nosebleeds but this was felt to be heat related.

10.  Governor Back Office

SS informed the governors of the intentions for an online sharing platform/website whereby all of the Governing Body documents, files, agendas, minutes, papers etc will be stored and maintained so that they can be accessed by all governors at any time.

This is currently in progress and a further update/demonstration will be provided at the FGB in July 2015. 

11.  Policies for approval:-

 a)    Behaviour in the Workplace (no change)

DECISION – approved, next review June 2017

b)    First Aid (pupil numbers amended)

DECISION – approved, next review May 2016

c)     Freedom of Information (slight amendment of SEN to SEND)

DECISION – approved, next review June 2017

In line with this policy, a discussion followed regarding the new requirements to show any business or other interests on the school website that the governors have declared – this information is required as from 1st September 2015.

ACTION – BA to confirm at the next meeting that this has been actioned.

d)    Intimate Care – (no change)

DECISION – approved, next review May 2016

ACTION – BA to ensure the school office have the latest copies of the approved policies above

12.  Dates for Governors:-

 The Committee discussed forthcoming events which require Governor support or presence – the dates are:- 

a)    Reception Induction Day – 1st July 6pm – 7pm

NB and JW confirmed

b)    Open mornings for 2016 intake – being held on Friday 16th Oct 10.30am – 11.30am, and Friday 20th Nov 10.30am to 11.30am.

SS and IH confirmed for 16th Oct, and GK confirmed for both mornings

ACTION – ideally, we would like 2 governors present for each morning – please advise BA if you can attend on 20th Nov. 

c)     Summer Fete – Saturday 4th July 1 – 4pm. AG confirmed he is available to help, and JW from 1 – 2pm

ACTION – JS/BA to confirm if help is needed at this event and BA to inform the governors/seek additional support if needed.

d)    Castlewood Sports Day – Wednesday 24 June 1.15pm. Governors can help at this event with scoring, finish line duties etc.

NB and SS confirmed they could help. 

13.  AOB 

BA informed the governors that an email has been sent out regarding a survey that the governors can complete, this is for the NGA (National Governors Association).

GK asked the governors to book in Summer Term monitoring visits if they have not already done so, and JW reminded everyone that if they are unable to complete their visits for this term, please let GK or JW know so that cover can be provided. A summary of visits will be provided during the FGB on 2nd July.

GK informed the governors that she is teaching two Greek Theatre lessons at the school next week, and JS thanked GK for her time and work involved in doing this.

Meeting ended at 7.50 pm 

Next Meeting: 

Thurs 2nd July – FGB – All Day

Summary of Actions:





File Summer Term H&S report in the school office



Ensure that the school website is updated, if necessary, regarding governor’s business interests - this is a requirement from 1st Sep 2015



Ensure MF has copies of the 4 policies approved



Advise BA if you are able to attend the Open Morning on Friday 20th November 10.30am



Confirm if governor support is required at the Summer Fete



Governors to book in Summer Term monitoring visits if not already completed.


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