Resources Minutes 14th January 2016

Castlewood School Governing Body

Resources Committee, Castlewood Road, Southwester, West Sussex, RH13 9US, Telephone: 01403 734822, Fax: 01403 734978.

Chair: Nicola Brown    Vice Chair:  Clare Quinlisk  

Our School’s key strengths:

Care, guidance and support at all levels: Team Work

Creative Curriculum and enrichment opportunities

Positive behaviour – inside and outside of school


Resources Committee Meeting Minutes

Thursday 14th January 2016

Present: Chair - Nicki Brown (NB), Julie Wallace (JW), Sarah Speed (SS), Julia Slocombe (JS), Wendy Mason (WM), Clare Quinlisk (CQ), Mary Page (MP), Georgina Allan (GA), and Ian Howard (IH).

Clerk: Becky Atkinson (BA)

Meeting Commenced: 8.05pm

Ahead of the meeting, JS and SS presented JW with a leaving gift, and thanked her for her considerable contribution during her time as a governor, and particularly as a superb Chair. The whole Committee wishes Julie very best wishes for the future.                                                      

1.     Apologies for absence and Declarations of Pecuniary Interests

Apologies were received from Gillian Knight - the governors approved these. No apologies were received from Andy Guy. No pecuniary interests were noted.     

2.     Approval of Minutes from previous meeting 12th November 2015.  

The minutes from the previous meeting were approved. 

3.     Matters arising from previous meeting on 12th November 2015.


Action detail



Amend the Pupil Premium cost lines on the table. ACTIONED



Upload the Pupil Premium to the governor’s website. ACTIONED



Contact the School Office to book monitoring visits for this term. In Progress



JS to send BA the framework for the new M6b levelfor inclusion within the Pay Policy. Pending, carry forward for next meeting. ACTION (1)



Review the current wording on the school website re Data Protection, and amend if required. ACTIONED



Upload meeting papers onto USB ahead of each meeting, and bring with her. ACTIONED



Load acronyms document onto governor website. In Progress, carry forward for next meeting. ACTION (2)



Review and re-publish the personal information on each governor on the main school website, in addition to the statutory table. In Progress, carry forward for next meeting. ACTION (3)



Update the Committee at the Jan 2016 meeting, re Easy Lunch and the new contract. ACTIONED, on tonight’s agenda.



Complete the Safer Recruitment training online. Pending, carry action forward to the next meeting ACTION (4)


4.     Parent, Staff and Pupil Questionnaire update

The governors had all been provided with the results of the questionnaires ahead of the meeting.

JS discussed the results of the 3 questionnaires that had recently been undertaken; the results were very pleasing. Key points are: -

-      For the parent questionnaires, the lowest scores related to homework, bullying and behaviour.

-      A governor pointed out that the question about homework could have been worded differently as the question could be interpreted as either too much homework, or not enough.

-      A good discussion followed regarding the answers given and overall results; it was mentioned that the timing of the parent questionnaire is always key.

-      The Committee discussed the school’s red card system for time outs and poor behaviour.

-      JS informed the committee that they were focussing on the low scores and looking at improvements. For example, LB and VD are now looking at Healthy Packs for pupils.

-      A governor questioned JS regarding a comment made by a member of staff concerning Fridays, when there are occasions that both LB and VD are not in school, and the pressure this creates for JS. A discussion followed, and JS responded accordingly. 

5.     Staffing Update

JS informed the Committee members that the school is still trying to recruit for Year 1 maternity cover and this is proving very difficult.

A discussion followed; JS is confident that the school will recruit the right person, it just takes time.

6.     Premises, and Health & Safety update

JS spoke to the Committee about the Southover Manor Trust and a bid that the school have put forward for financial support (c£21k) towards canopies for the KS1 and KS2 classrooms. The Trust will meet and discuss all bids received in March. JS will update the Committee following the outcome.  

JS mentioned that there had been a problem with the alarm one evening where it wouldn’t turn off properly, it appears to have now been resolved. 

7.     Update on Governor Visits, including informal visits

There hadn’t been any visits to date.

8.     Review and Approval of policies;

Charging and Remissions

A slight change, but the majority of the policy still stands. The Governors approved the policy – DECISION. Next review Jan 2019.

Misuse of Alcohol, Drugs and Other Substances policy

A date needs changing. The Policy is approved – DECISION. Next review Jan 2019.

Staff Handbook; code of conduct page

One page in the Staff Handbook has been amended in line with the code of conduct. The governors approved the changes – DECISION. Next review Jan 2018.

ACTION (5) – Ensure the date change on the Misuse of Drugs policy is amended, and BA to send approved policies to the school office.

9.     Governor feedback on website

SS asked the governors for feedback on the website – she advised that most of the content is now there, although the Data section still needs some further reports/documents.

ACTION (6) – BA to review/amend access for LB as she has had problems logging in.

10.  Safeguarding including review of the accident book

WM provided an update regarding incidents in the accident book; there was nothing unusual to report.

11.  Safeguarding and Child Protection annual report update

JS updated the governors regarding the Safeguarding report following problems encountered at the end of last year due to the new format. JS has now completed a copy of the report using the old format in order that governors can view this. JS submitted a new audit report to County which is different to the previous Safeguarding report.

ACTION (7) – JS to email BA a copy of the report, for input regarding governor training completed. A copy of the report will be available on the governor’s website.

12.  Easy Lunch hot dinner provision update

WSCC are undertaking a tendering process for a new catering contract to be effective from September 2016. Easy Lunch currently provide the hot meals for Castlewood, but Easy Lunch have withdrawn from the WSCC tendering process. The contract with Easy Lunch is due to come to an end in August 2016. However, Castlewood along with other local schools (who also currently use Easy Lunch) would prefer to stick with Easy Lunch, as they are very happy with the service and quality of food provided.

JS advised that the group of schools concerned have now appointed a consultant (Radford Chancellor) to manage the tendering process for Easy Lunch, separate to the WSCC process. The separate process is likely to involve other companies, in addition to Easy Lunch.

A discussion followed regarding this; JS advised that WSCC are aware and a meeting has been held with representatives from County to discuss the separate process that is underway and the legal implications for those schools that decide to opt out of the WSCC catering contract. A governor pointed out that the separate process with the consultant would be an additional cost.

JS reassured the governors that if a new contract with Easy Lunch, or another company, does not get agreed, the fall back is to go with the WSCC preferred supplier. With this in mind, NB is attending a meeting at Forest School in February, regarding how schools should be getting ready for implementing the changes required should their school have to switch to a new provider.

13.  School events requiring governor support

There are forthcoming parent consultation evenings where support for the crèche would be welcome: -

Weds 10th Feb – 4.50pm to 7.30pm

Thurs 11th Feb – 3.20pm to 5.50pm

ACTION (8) – BA to email the governors to confirm the dates, and BA will let JS know of any helpers.

14.  Training and Locality Course

CQ has completed the E-learning module for Recruiting a Headteacher.

WM has completed Food Hygiene.

JS has undertaken Holistix training.

ACTION (9) – BA to update the training records.

15.  AOB

WM reminded governors to reply to her email regarding personal information to be displayed on the school’s website.

Meeting ended at 9.05pm.

Date of next meetings (Spring Term):

Thursday 3rd March

7pm - Resources Committee


Thursday 10th March

7pm - Q&S Committee


Wednesday - 23rd March

7pm - FGB Meeting


Summary of Actions


Action detail



JS to send BA the framework for the new M6b levelfor inclusion within the Pay Policy.



Load acronyms document onto governor website.



Review and re-publish the personal information on each governor on the main school website, in addition to the statutory table.



Complete the Safer Recruitment training online.



Amend the date on the Misuse of Drugs policy, and send all 3 approved policies to the school office.



Review/amend access to the governor’s website for LB as she has had problems logging in.



JS to email BA a copy of the Safeguarding report, for input regarding governor training completed. A copy of the report is to be made available on the governor’s website.



Email the governors re support needed for the crèche for the February parent consultation evenings.



Update the training records with completed training, as advised in the meeting.


Priorities 2015/16

Embed tracking system

Enable Lower Ability pupils to accelerate

Raise parental expectation




What difference have we made to the school through what we have discussed today?



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