Resources Minutes 15th Jan 2015




Thursday 15th January 2015


Governors Present: Chair - Sarah Speed (SS), Nicki Brown (NB), Julie Wallace (JW), Julia Slocombe (JS), Chris Noble (CN), Wendy Mason (WM), Andy Guy (AG), Gillian Knight (GK), Rev’d Godfrey (RG), Ian Howard (IH)

Clerk: Becky Atkinson (BA)

Meeting Commenced:       19.00


1.    Apologies for Absence and Declarations of Pecuniary Interest

Apologies were received from Clare Quinlisk and Mary Page; these were accepted by the Committee. No declarations of pecuniary interest were made.

2.    Approval of Minutes from previous meeting 6th November 2014 

All Governors present approved the minutes as a true record of the meeting. 

3.    Matters arising from previous meeting 6th November 2014




Ensure the Medicines Policy is on the agenda for FGB in December, for formal approval. ACTIONED



Email a copy of the completed Health and Safety report for the Autumn term to all governors and the office - ACTIONED



Amend the checklist for Supporting Children with Medical Conditions – section 9 ACTIONED



Make changes to the Emergency Plan and send this out to all governors and the office - ACTIONED



Advise of changes to locality training with NB switching to 18/11 session – ACTIONED



Start to plan for training event ‘Raising the Achievement of Disadvantaged Children’ for the Locality, held at Castlewood, 2nd half of Spring term (mid April) In Progress – BA discussing with the Learning & Development team at WSCC to confirm date


4.    Staffing Update 

JS advised that Jo Herbert has recently left to start a new role at Cowfold. She was providing temporary cover for Year 2. Vicky Dedman has now returned from Maternity Leave, and is teaching Year 2.

JS advised that the Year 6 job share is working well, they are a good team. Mrs A-B works Tuesday to Thursday for the purposes of this term’s Monitoring Visit.  

5.    Update on Performance Management

JS advised that PM reviews were conducted before Christmas during the school day. Mrs Dedman covered the teachers during this time, and the process worked well. All staff have a data objective with the other objectives linked to the SIP.

JS confirmed it is a robust process, and she is happy with how it is working. 

6.    Premises Update

JS advised that Dynarod were present in school today sorting out the blocked drains. Due to the heavy rain and lots of silt, Peter had not been able to clear it all himself. 

7.    Security

The school has again experienced problems with vandalism, before Christmas. There were several nights where youths were present at the school. CCTV footage has been provided to the local PCSO.

A governor asked if the CCTV cameras had been replaced, and it was confirmed yes they have been, they are now dome shaped and sit under the bargeboards. Spikes have also been installed around the fence perimeter, as an anti deterrent. A governor asked whether it was useful to erect signs confirming CCTV is in place, or whether this attracts the youths more. A discussion followed.

A governor asked about insurance, and JS advised that the recent damage is an insurance claim and this is underway.

Another governor asked what the youths are doing once they are inside the school grounds – JS confirmed that they go onto the roof, and on the canopy at the front of reception. They also attempted to break into one of the outside cupboards.

JS confirmed that graffiti and vandalism is also being experienced at Southwater Infants and Juniors, so Castlewood is not alone in the problem.

8.    Succession Planning

SS led the discussions regarding planning for the governing body’s next Chair. A discussion was held regarding a Co-Chair model whereby 2 governors split the role equally between themselves. This is a model that is in place at Oak Grove College in Worthing, and was mentioned to us by WSCC as a possible option if we are not able to appoint another Chair.

SS has investigated the Co-Chair model, and advised the Committee that it is OK to Co-Chair, as long as;

a)    It is in the best interests of the school, and the board believes it is necessary, and

b)    Any role sharing does not lead to loss of clarity in its leadership.

SS then split the Committee into three groups, and asked each group to discuss what they thought the role of the Chair involves. A discussion followed, and SS noted down the list of responsibilities and tasks that each group had come up with.

SS then provided each group with a further list of tasks that can sometimes fall under the remit of the Chair position. The purpose of this exercise was to identify and recognise that other roles can undertake some of the tasks, and highlighted the importance of sharing responsibilities across the governing body. A good discussion followed during this exercise.

The output document will be circulated to all of the governors after the meeting - ACTION

SS then moved on to discuss a Skills Audit, and asked the governors to complete this so that we can have an overall view of experience, knowledge and skills. A template will be circulated to all of the governors – ACTION

In addition to this, SS advised that a preference document would be sent to all governors so that governors can confirm which roles they are interested in - ACTION

SS told the Committee members that at the FGB meeting in March, we need to be in a position to either confirm the new Chair or Co-Chairs, or agree that we need to recruit a Chair externally. JW confirmed that she is happy to chat with any governor who would like more information on the role of the Chair.

9.    Update on Governors SLA with WSCC

JW provided an update on changes to the current SLA for Governor Services that is provided by WSCC.

The biggest impact of these changes is to the In School training that is currently provided by WSCC as part of the SLA annual charge. Due to low uptake of these sessions, it has been agreed that in order for the SLA charge to remain unchanged for 2015/16, they will introduce a fee for In School training - £200 if the training is just for one school, or £300 if it is offered out to a Locality.

We will proceed with booking our training session ‘Raising the Achievement of Disadvantaged Children’ for the Spring Term – this should be provided free of charge as it is within our 2014/15 SLA. 

The Committee confirmed that they approved our continued membership of the SLA services for 2015/16.

10.  Training update inc John Yates Leadership Cluster reminder

 The John Yates Leadership talk for governors is being held on Tuesday 10th Feb, from 3.30pm to 4.30pm, at Southwater Infant Academy.

JS, JW, MR and SS have confirmed their attendance for this session – if anyone else would like to attend, please let BA know. ACTION

11.  AOB

JS asked for help with the Crèche for Parents Evening – these are being held on Wednesday 11th Feb and Thursday 12th Feb. BA to email all governors and advice JS. ACTION

JW has received a Thank You card from Lauren Brown and family.

 Meeting ended at 8.35 pm

Next Meetings:

 22nd January – Q&S Committee

5th March – Resources Committee

12th March – Q&S Committee

Wednesday 25th March - FGB





Circulate output from Task assignment list



Circulate Skills Audit for governors to complete, along with Preference Document



Advise BA if you would like to attend the JY Leadership talk on Tuesday 10th Feb.



Email all governors asking for help with the Crèche for Parents Evenings in Feb.




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