Resources Minutes 1st Oct 2015

Castlewood School Governing Body

Resources Committee, Castlewood Road, Southwester, West Sussex, RH13 9US, Telephone: 01403 734822, Fax: 01403 734978.

Chair: Nicola Brown    Vice Chair:  Clare Quinlisk  

Our School’s key strengths:

Care, guidance and support at all levels: Team Work

Creative Curriculum and enrichment opportunities

Positive behaviour – inside and outside of school


Resources Committee Meeting Minutes

Thursday 1st October 2015

Present: Chair - Nicki Brown (NB), Julie Wallace (JW), Sarah Speed (SS), Julia Slocombe (JS), Wendy Mason (WM), Clare Quinlisk (CQ), Mary Page (MP) and Gillian Knight (GK), Ian Howard (IH), Guest - Georgina Allan (GA).

Clerk: Becky Atkinson (BA)

Meeting Commenced: 8pm

Ahead of the meeting, GK provided an overview of a recent WSGA (West Sussex Governors Association) meeting that she attended. ACTION (1) – GK to forward the presentation onto the governors.                                                                               

1.       Apologies for absence and Declarations of Pecuniary Interests

Apologies were received from Andy Guy - the governors approved these. No pecuniary interests were noted.        

2.       Approval of Minutes from previous meeting 11th June 2015

The minutes from the previous meeting were approved.

3.       Matters arising from previous meeting on 11th June 2015                    


Action detail



File Summer Term H&S report in the school office - ACTIONED



Ensure that the school website is updated, if necessary, regarding governor’s business interests - this is a requirement from 1st Sep 2015 - ACTIONED



Ensure MF has copies of the 4 policies approved - ACTIONED



Advise BA if you are able to attend the Open Morning on Friday 20th November 10.30am - ACTIONED



Confirm if governor support is required at the Summer Fete - ACTIONED



Governors to book in Summer Term monitoring visits if not already completed - ACTIONED


4.       Kitchen Audit on UFSM

JS informed the governors that all Catering contracts will be up for renewal this year, Easy Lunch currently provide the lunchtime meals to the school. JS pointed out that the school is very happy with the service and food provided but WSCC will make the ultimate decision.

A recent Health and Safety Inspection was carried out, and whilst the overall concluding report was fine there were a number of follow up recommendations:-

1.       COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) training required for staff that use cleaning products to wipe down areas after lunch.

2.       Easy Lunch need to ensure that the delivery sheet has space for a signature.

3.       There is a need to record the temperature of cold food.

4.       The temperature of the ‘allergy’ foods needs to be monitored.

5.       The percentage of desserts offered needs to be reviewed.

6.       Tongs need to be used by the children to pick up their bread.

The governors asked a number of questions which JS responded to.

5.       Staffing Update

JS advised that the school has a new cleaner, an ex-pupil. The school is fully staffed.

6.       Premises Update

Over the summer break, the school has had a thorough clean, and the hedges have been cut. JS advised that the grated drainage areas surrounding the playground might need to be replaced; whilst Peter Stallibrass maintains and repairs these areas regularly, it is likely that in the near future, it will need replacing. PS is obtaining quotes.

A governor asked about sun shades/blinds for some of the classrooms, which has been discussed previously – JS advised that it is possible in Jan/Feb 2016, depending on budget.

A discussion was held regarding the boilers – of the 7 boilers that the school has, if one was to break down, it wouldn’t make much difference, if two were to break down, the heating would still work but just a bit slower. JS has been told that all parts required to repair the boilers are still available.

7.       Approval of Educational Visits 2015-16

JS asked the governors for approval for the Little Canada trip (Isle of Wight), and for the Water Sports Day held at Southwater Country Park – the governors approved these activities (DECISION).

A governor asked whether swimming or any other visits and trips should fall under this agenda item – a discussion followed, and it was identified that the Emergency Plan needs reviewing again.

A discussion then followed regarding a table top exercise which walks through different scenarios and situations to test the Emergency Plan – this is led by WSCC (Martin Tomlinson used to run them), with the relevant key people, and governors present. It was agreed that whilst this is not an urgent exercise, it is useful and could be considered for the future.

8.       Approval of Appraisal, Capability and Pay Policies

JW advised that the review/update of the Pay Policy is still in progress – with the model policy waiting to be received from WSCC.

The governors approved the Appraisal and Capability policies – DECISION.

ACTION (2) – BA to ensure the school office is advised that both policies have recently been reviewed and approved.

9.       Website Update

A quick update was provided – the website is still in progress. BA will ensure all governors receive their log-ins - ACTION (3).

10.   Admissions 2015/16 – choices when a child starts

JS informed the Committee that there are 30 children in Reception for 2016/16, and Year 1 has now increased to 25 children.

A discussion followed regarding the admission of summer born children – and the implications if a parent decides to defer the child starting school. The governors asked a number of questions regarding the process.

11.   Parent Helpers in School and new DB process

JS provided an update regarding Parent Helpers and the process around this, including DBS checks, and the Code of Conduct.

12.   School events requiring governor support

-        Blackberry Fair (Sat 3rd Oct 1pm – 4pm) 

-        New Parents Open Morning (Fri 16th Oct 10.30am – 12pm, and Fri 20th Nov 10.30am – 12pm)

-        Parents Evening crèche (Weds 21st Oct - 4.50pm to 7.30pm, and Thurs 22nd Oct - 3.20pm to 5.50pm)

-        Fireworks(date - tbc)

Governors have been asked to inform BA if they are available to help with the New Parents Open Morning, and the crèche for Parents Evening.ACTION (4) – BA to email governors to confirm.

13.   Training and Locality courses

-        JW has attended the Briefing Meeting and completed the Prevent Channel Awareness online training.

-        GK attended the WSGA meeting.

-        WM has completed First Aid refresher training.

-        JS has undertaken EVC refresher, and Prevent/Channel Awareness training.

-        CQ has completed Equal Pay and Living Wage training.

The Committee welcomed GA who is going to join the Committee as an Associate Member – this will be formally approved in FGB in Dec 2015.

ACTION (5) - JW/WM to manage induction training for GA.

ACTION (6) – BA/SS to ensure GA as Associate Member is on the agenda for FGB in Dec.

14.   AOB

IH gave his apologies for the next Resources meeting in November – he will complete his Health and Safety report and provide this ahead of the meeting.

SS asked the Committee about tonight’s joint meeting (the first time that Q&S and Resources had been conducted on the same evening) – the governors were happy to proceed as planned, i.e. with some of the Committee meetings held on the same evenings but heavier agenda meetings will still be held separately. DECISION

A discussion followed regarding governor’s monitoring visits and SIP – GK, MR and SS will meet to discuss next steps. ACTION (7) GK to send SS the SIP.

Meeting ended at 9.15pm.

Date of next meeting (Autumn Term):

Thursday 12th Nov

7pm - Resources Committee


Thursday 19th Nov

7pm - Q&S Committee


Thursday 3rd Dec

7pm - FGB Meeting


Summary of Actions


Action detail



Forward the presentation from the WSGA meeting onto the governors.



Ensure the school office has the updated/approved copies of the Appraisal and Capability policies.



Ensure all governors receive their log ins for the website



Confirm governor help at New Parents Open Morning, and Crèche for Parents Evening.



Induction Training for GA.



Ensure that GA/Associate Member is on the agenda for FGB in Dec 2015.



Send the SIP to SS


Priorities 2015/16



What difference have we made to the school through what we have discussed today?


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