Resources Minutes 5th Mar 2015




Thursday 5th March 2015

Present: Chair - Sarah Speed (SS), Nicki Brown (NB), Clare Quinlisk (CQ), Julia Slocombe (JS), Chris Noble (CN), Wendy Mason (WM), Andy Guy (AG), Gillian Knight (GK), Rev’d Godfrey (RG), Ian Howard (IH) Cath Robertson (CR)

Clerk: Nicki Brown(NB)

Meeting Commenced:       19.00

1.     Thank you to Rev’d Godfrey

SS thanked Rev’d Godfrey on behalf of the governors and School for his hard work and commitment on the governing body.

RG left the meeting 7.10

2.    Apologies for Absence and Declarations of Pecuniary Interest

Apologies were received from Becky Atkinson, Julie Wallace and Mary Page; these were accepted by the Committee. No declarations of pecuniary interest were made. 

3.    Budget update/provisional close for end of financial year 14/15

CR provided the budget update documents; a new column has been inserted into the document to show any provisions to be carried forward to the following budget year. CR gave an overview of the schools current position.  Office expenditure is estimated to have a surplus of £1,500 mainly due to a new photocopier and more efficient use. The buildings have required less works this year and have an estimated surplus of £3,000.  Utilities are all expected to be on target for the year.

School trips are currently showing an overspend of £1,400 however parental contributions are still to be banked so this will reduce by year end. Supply teachers are estimated to be underspent by £4,000.

7.20 AG arrived

The provisional carry forward is expected to be in the region of £38,000 (4.5%). SS asked how the 4.5% compares to other schools; JS replied that we are about mid-point in comparison to other equivalent schools locally.

Next year’s budget could be financially challenging as there will be staff returning from maternity leave which potentially needs to include an overlap with the current temporary teachers.   The 2014/15 budget will be closed by the end of May 2015.

7.24 IH arrived

The reserve balance had been reduced to £2,443.  This is due to support staff receiving a back dated one off payment as direct by County.

Sports Premium

The balance on this cost centre will be used by the year end as there are various costs still outstanding. JS explained that this additional funding had been used for coaches to take children to sporting events, a climbing wall linked to curriculum subject for Y3 and Y4, a water sports day for Y5, and various sports coaches who have provided additional sporting expertise for the pupils.

Pupil Premium

CR explained various costs are still outstanding. This year the funds have been spent on additional teaching support as well as supporting school uniform, trips and after school actives for some pupils.

SS challenged JS to confirm the website was up to date on Pupil and Sports Premium data. ACTION JS to confirm website up to date.

CR provided the School Fund year end Accounts. These have been independently reviewed by John Holmes. The balance to be carried forward is £379.30; the main income is from commission paid to the School for photographs. There was various expenditure that included country dancing and football.

Decision: Governors approved closing off the School Fund Accounts.  

4.    SFVS approval and benchmarking

The SFVS is reviewed and updated annually. JW and SS reviewed the document with CR prior to the committee meeting. An overview of the SFVS was given by CR. The main changes were to Section B, Question 8 and Section C, Questions 16, 17.

Decision: SFVS approved.  Next review Spring 2016

Action: SFVS to be signed by JW/SS and sent to County.

5.    Approval of delegation of financial powers and duties of GB

No changes since the last review, and Governor’s agreed it’s a good practice document we should continue with.

Decision: Governors approved.  Next review date March 2016.

SS thanked CR on behalf of the Governing Body for the budget review. CR left the meeting 8.00.           

6.    Approval of Minutes from previous meeting 5th January 2015

All Governors present approved the minutes as a true record of the meeting. 

7.    Matters arising from previous meeting





Circulate output from Task assignment list ACTIONED



Circulate Skills Audit for governors to complete, along with Preference Document ACTIONED



Advise BA if you would like to attend the JY Leadership talk on Tuesday 10th Feb. ACTIONED



Email all governors asking for help with the Crèche for Parents Evenings in Feb. ACTIONED


8.    Safeguarding

Review of accident book

WM reported that there had been no major accidents .The accidents that were reported were minor and there was no pattern to these.

Health and Safety Update

IH reported he had completed the Spring Health and Safety visit today.  There were no concerns for Governor’s to be aware of.

ACTION BA to circulate a copy of this report to all Governors with the minutes.

Additional Training Completed

JS informed the governors that Head Teachers had been encouraged to take training in the exploitation of children. JS has completed this training which gave clear recommendations and guidance on identifying vulnerable children.

JS shared with governors that the School had received a circular stating that child protection courses would no longer be available at County, going forward staff training needs to be done in house.  

9.    Approval of Outdoor/Adventurous climbing wall activity 

JS advised the details of an outdoor climbing wall activity planned for pupils in years 3 and 4.

Decision: Outdoor/Adventurous climbing wall activity approved

10.  Premises inc S106 application

JS advised that the Parish Council had contacted the School requesting information on its strategic plan to review with S106 applications. JS has informed them of the main plan including £15,000 for playground improvements, £41,500 for canopies for reception, KS1 and KS2, and £100,000 for two additional permanent classrooms to replace the temporary buildings, attaching to the year six classroom.

JS will be attending a meeting on pupil numbers in the future. ACTION: JS to update future pupil numbers with 15/16 intake at next Resources.

11.  Training and Link Governor

SS, JS, Julie Wallace and Maria Roberts attended the John Yates Leadership course. The details of the course would be discussed at the next Full Governors meeting. ACTION: JW/SS/MR/JS to feedback on John Yates Leadership Course.

WM has kindly agreed to become the new link governor and will attend a course on 25 March 2015.

12.  Succession Planning

SS presented a summary of the findings of the recent skills audit workshop. Overall the governing body has strong collective skills and hold the Head to account. Where there are slight weaknesses of collective skills, there is always one expert Governor on these items.

SS updated the committee on the recent questionnaires that governors had completed on succession planning.  SS and JW to formulate a plan to take this forward. ACTION: SS/JW. 

13.  AOB

GK reminded Governors to return reports on classroom termly visits

Meeting ended at 8.27 pm

Next Meetings:

Wednesday 25th March - FGB

xx – Q&S Committee

xx – Resources Committee

xx – Q&S Committee

Summary of Actions:





JS to report on the website being updated with Sports and Pupil premium data.



SFVS to be signed by JW and sent to County.



Health and Safety report would be circulated to Governors



JS to attend a meeting on pupil numbers and report back at the next meeting



JS and SS to report at Full Governors Meeting the details of the John Yates Leadership Course.



Plan to be formulated to take succession planning forward.



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