Resources Minutes 28th April 2016

Castlewood School Governing Body                                 Castlewood Road

Chair:          Nicki Brown                                                                       Southwater

Vice Chair:  Clare Quinlisk                                                                    West Sussex

                                                                                                                RH13 9US

                                                                                                                Telephone:             01403 734822

                                                                                                                Fax                          01403 734978


Our School’s key strengths:

Care, guidance and support at all levels: Team Work

Creative Curriculum and enrichment opportunities

Positive behaviour – inside and outside of school


Resources Committee Meeting Minutes

Thursday 28th April 2016

Present: Chair - Nicki Brown (NB), Sarah Speed (SS), Julia Slocombe (JS), Wendy Mason (WM), Mary Page (MP), Georgina Allan (GA), Gillian Knight (GK), Cath Robertson (CR), Andy Guy (AG), and Ian Howard (IH).

Clerk: Becky Atkinson (BA)

Meeting Commenced: 7pm


1.       Apologies for absence and Declarations of Pecuniary Interests

Apologies had been received from Clare Quinlisk; the governors approved these. No pecuniary interests were noted.         


2.       Budget Close for end of financial year 15/16 and approve budget 16/17

CR provided a thorough update on the closing budget for 2015/16, key points highlighted are: -

-        There was a slight overspend on Electric due to an error with the meter readings. There was also a small overspend on Gas.

-        There was an overspend on Curriculum.

-        There is a carry forward figure of £18,987.84 (1%), which is well within the allowed c/f amount.

-        A governor commented that this was one of the lowest carry forward amounts, and thanked CR for her close control of the budget.

-        CR reminded the Committee that she is always happy to answer questions and discuss any aspects of the budget with governors outside of the formal meetings.


DECISION – The Committee approved the close down of the 2015/16 budget.


CR proceeded to discuss the new budget for 2016/17; a recent bursar’s meeting has taken place that CR attended and it was appreciated that the budget is tight across all schools.

-        A discussion followed about the errors with the Gas and Electric billing for last year, and whether this could happen again next year.

-        The staff governors shared some of the ways that they are working hard to reduce consumption and cost across the school.

-        A discussion followed about the new budget, and the ways that this may get topped up by other funds, such as Sports Premium, and the Teaching School Alliance.

-        The governors noticed that there was a reduction in Supply Teaching costs, and a discussion followed about the involvement of JS with teaching in class when needed rather than using a Supply Teacher. It was appreciated that this is a team effort and everyone helps out, in particular HLTAs.

-        A governor asked if pay rises for Teachers had been accounted for in the new budget – CR confirmed that every eventuality has been covered. There is always careful planning of future salaries, and provisions for maternity leave.

-        It was pointed out that there are new requirements for schools to display information on their websites regarding Pupil Premium spending.

-        A discussion followed about the IT Technician who is leaving for a new role. JS and CR explained that a new company would be taking over the duties and responsibilities for technical support across the school – they had been highly recommended by other schools that are using them. JS was confident that a new contract with this company would be in place shortly.

-        JS provided an update about the Southover Manor Trust and the bid for funding towards the new canopies. There have been 350 applications, and JS had recently been in contact with the Trust who have asked to come and visit the school to inform their decision. If successful, the school will provide the additional funding required for the canopies, and this has been accounted for within the Capital budget.


The Committee thanked CR for a well-managed budget, and for her contribution in tonight’s meeting.


DECISION – the Governors approved the 2016/17 budget.


3.       Best Value and Statement of Internal Control signed

There was a slight amendment required to the Best Value statement – CR amended this at the meeting, and SS and JS signed the document.


The Statement of Internal Control was reviewed and approved – SS and NB signed the document in the meeting.


CR left the meeting at 7.50pm.


4.       Approval of minutes from previous meeting 3rd March 2016

The minutes from the previous meeting were approved.


5.       Matters arising from previous meeting 3rd March 2016



Action detail



 CR will amend the SFVS document to evidence NB’s involvement in the review of it. ACTIONED



Update the SFVS on the governor’s website. ACTIONED



Ensure that a copy of the ‘Delegation of Financial Powers and Duties of the GB’ document is available on the governor’s website.  Will be actioned as soon as the website is working again, currently down.



Ensure that Easy Lunch/Provision of Hot Meals is on the agenda for 28/4 Resources meeting. ACTIONED



C/F - JS to send BA the framework for the new M6b level for inclusion within the Pay Policy. JS advised that there is no detailed criteria or framework, so JS will populate the framework. Action Closed.



C/F - Complete the Safer Recruitment training online via NSPCC BA to confirm with CQ if this is now complete. ACTION (1)



Send a reminder to all governors regarding monitoring visits that are due this term. All completed templates should be sent to GK so that she can collate the summary of findings in time for FGB on 23rd March. ACTIONED



Send copies of the approved policies to MF (School Office) with new review dates. ACTIONED



Ensure that Prevent Training is on the agenda for the FGB on 23/3. SS/BA. ACTIONED



Update the training record. ACTIONED




6.       Staffing Update

JS advised that Rob, the school’s IT Technician, is leaving. An earlier discussion had already taken place regarding IT support going forward.


Mrs Dedman will start her maternity leave at the end of August - JS advised that there were no applicants for the role following the first advert, so it is being re-advertised for a second time.


7.       Admissions Update

JS informed the Committee that all 30 spaces for Reception have been filled, with all of these being first choices.


However, there have been disappointments for some existing parents due to 7 siblings that have not got a place at Castlewood. JS explained how the criteria works; it was expected that some parents would appeal the decision. A discussion followed.


8.       Premises, and Health and Safety Update including PDP visit

JS provided an update following the PDP visit that WSCC undertakes. No major issues. A discussion followed about catastrophic problems, such as boiler failures or major roof repairs.


The drains on the Reception play area are being repaired.


9.       Update on Governor Visits, including informal visits

There were no updates. All governors were reminded to book in their visits for the Summer Term.





10.   Ofsted descriptors and evidence

SS explained that the next steps with this document have been delayed due to more urgent work regarding the Headteacher recruitment process. It is however, a working document, and will always be updated as part of our ongoing review of evidence.


Ensure another review and update of the document is provided in the next meeting. ACTION (2) - add to the agenda for 16/6 meeting.


11.   Policies; review and approval of;

MP provided an overview of the changes to the Equality Policy; a sentence regarding progress of pupils was discussed and amended in the meeting.


DECISION – The Committee approved the Equality Policy.

ACTION (3) – BA to make the changes, and send an updated, approved copy to the school office, with a reminder that this policy is also on the school’s website.


12.   Safeguarding including review of accident book

WM advised that there have been 140 accidents reported since the last meeting; 80 pupils in KS1, and 60 pupils in KS2. This is a normal level of incidents recorded.


13.   Easy Lunch – hot dinner provision update

JS advised that following the tendering process for the new catering contract, Easy Lunch are the chosen provider. Easy Lunch is the existing provider of hot meals to the school. 


14.   Training and Locality Courses

NB has completed a Protecting Data course.

ACTION (4) – BA to update the training record.


15.   AOB

There was no AOB.



Meeting ended at 8.06pm.



Dates of next meetings:

Thursday 16th June

7pm – Q&S Committee


Thursday 16th June

8pm – Resources Committee


Thursday 14th July

All Day - FGB Meeting (in school)







Summary of Actions



Action detail



Confirm with CQ as to whether she was able to complete the Safer Recruitment Training.



Ensure the Ofsted descriptors and evidence document is reviewed at the next meeting 16/6.



Amend the Equality Policy as discussed, and send a copy to the school office. The policy will also need updating on the school’s website.



Add NB’s recent course (Protecting Date) to the training records.  





Priorities 2015/16

Embed tracking system

Enable Lower Ability pupils to accelerate

Raise parental expectation




What difference have we made to the school through what we have discussed today?


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