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FGB Agenda 2nd July 2015

Meeting of the Full Governing Body will take place in school on Thursday 2nd July – the meeting still start at 9.30am. 

First meeting of core membership of the new GB following reconstitution, a new Instrument of Government came into effect on 1st July 2015.

Agenda  Max Time Lead

1.       Apologies for absence and Declarations of Pecuniary Interests  2 mins JW

2.       Reconstitution of Governing Body 10 mins BA

-          Core membership to appoint Co-Opted governors

-          New Instrument of Government approved by WSCC

3.       Approval of Minutes from 25th March 2015 2 mins JW

4.       Matters arising from meeting on 25th March 2015 10 mins JW


Action detail



Obtain updated Spring Term visit form from IH following his visit to Year 4



Send Summer Term monitoring visit template to all governors along with a reminder for visits to be booked in.



Put a copy of the Spring Term overview paperwork into the Governor visit folder.



Finalise policies as approved in the meeting, and send to the school office.



Confirm how many of the Core governors are required to be present in order to be quorate for the FGB in July



Prepare new instrument of government following agreement to new Reconstitution model and send to WSCC



Inform School Office and governors that the FGB in July is proposed for Thursday 2nd July



Discuss structure of the day for FGB in July


5.       Reporting to the Governing Body   

a)      To receive the report from the Head Teacher and discuss   15 mins  JS

-          Please read the report before the meeting and raise questions beforehand.

b)      Link Governor Report – update to be given in the meeting 5 mins WM

6.       Governor Visits and Individual Reports   15 mins   GK/All

-          Receive reports from Summer Term; monitoring focus:

Greater engagement with hard to reach parents

-          Feedback from time in class this morning re engagement of pupils 

7.       SIP 14/15 review of the year   15 mins   All

How has the SIP been used this year? How have we monitored the priorities? What impact has been had? How are priorities decided? What could priorities for 15/16 be focussed on? 

8.       Confirm HT PM panel for 15/16  10 mins   JW 

9.       To discuss procedure for Heatwave alert part of Emergency Plan     5 mins    JS/JW

(Emergency Plan was ratified on 6/11/14) 

10.   Policies   10 mins     JW

a)      General Complaints to School policy – to agree and adopt           

b)      How to deal with Complaints within your own GB procedures - to discuss and adopt

11.   Training and Development   5 mins  JW/WM

12.   AOB

Date of next meeting:

Thursday 17th September 2015, 7pm – Housekeeping Meeting

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