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FGB Agenda 4th December 2014

Castlewood School Governing Body                            

Castlewood Road, Southwester, West Sussex, RH13 9US, Telephone: 01403 734822, Fax: 01403 734978

Chair: Julie Wallace. Vice Chair:  Sarah Speed 


Our School’s key strengths:

Care, guidance and support at all levels: Team Work

Creative Curriculum and enrichment opportunities

Positive behaviour – inside and outside of school



Full Governors Meeting

4th December 2014


Max time lead

  1. Apologies for absence and declarations of pecuniary interest  5 mins JW
  2. Approval of Full Governing Body minutes from 4th July 2014 (attached) 2 mins JW
  3. Matters arising from Full Governing Body minutes 4th July 2014 10 mins JW

Overview on sports premium on the website in late March/early April 2014 – pending, due for July 2014 due to pressures in school office

JS is info current?

Reasonable force training session (refresher for staff) - trying to re-book for Autumn Term.


Let all staff know Sue Bryan is contact for confidential reporting


Review TOR wording for Resources re financial responsibilities (in line with full review of all TORs taking place)



Invite Yr R teacher (Miss Allan) to Autumn Term meeting to discuss the 17 goals that are used for EYFS assessment



Send electronic booklet of training for the new academic year, to all Governors



Look at the Monitoring Visits process, in particular the completion of the form post visit to see if this can be made easier for the Governors.



Prepare a summary sheet of the monitoring visits


SIP 14/15 to be discussed Autumn 14 in committee meetings



Confirm how voting can take place if governors are not present at the new Housekeeping Meeting



Liaise over the date for the new Housekeeping Meeting



Discuss with Mary Page re the HT PM Panel, and the meetings/time that will be required



4. Reconstitution of governing body by Sept 2015 30 mins JW/SS/BA Inc succession planning 

5. Update on Teaching Schools 15 mins JS/JW/SS

6. Discuss multi academy trust 15 mins JS                   

7. Reporting to the Governing Body

a)To receive the report from the Head teacher and discuss.  Please read before the meeting and prepare any questions.(attached) 15 mins JS

b)    To receive the safeguarding report (attached) 5 mins JS

c)     Link governor report - verbal update to be given at the meeting

d)    Governor visits and individual reports.  Feedback from visits this term    15 mins             all Any governor can report back           

8: Staffing update 5 mins JS

9: Policies: (attached) 10 mins JW/MP

a)     To accept the reviewed General Complaints to School policy                                                 

b)    To accept Staff and Governor Rights and Responsibilities document

c)     To approve the Medicines Policy (already reviewed and agreed by the Policies Panel)       

10: Governors Training and development 5 mins all

11: AOB 2 mins all

Staff governors may go home 

12:  Head Teacher Performance Management 15 mins GK/SS

Report to the Governing Body on Head Teacher performance management

Dates of Next Meetings

Castlewood Christmas Performances – Tues 9th, Weds 10th and Thurs 11th December (all at 1.45pm)

Resources meeting – Thursday 15th January 2015 at 7pm

Q&S meeting – Thursday 22nd January 2015 at 7pm




Priorities 2014-2015 

Raise standards in English - 100% of able pupil make expected progress and 45% make more than expected progress

Teaching and Learning increasingly moving from Good to Outstanding

Greater engagement with hard to reach parents

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