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Governor's review of academic year 13/14

Castlewood Primary School – Governing Body Review of Academic Year 2013-14

Strengths: what are our school strengths? What are our governance strengths?

School strengths

· Good relationship with parents

· Hard working committed staff

· Good behaviours

Governance Strengths

· Expertise in many areas

· Friendly welcoming team

· Regular visits to school

· Good relationships with staff

· Supporting school events (e.g. Sports Day)

Governance Strengths

· Working together on projects e.g. policy review, new web site

· Some Governors very pro-active attending training, keeping up with the Government changes.

· Staff feel supported by Governors in the school and more staff know who the Governors are - profile has been raised.

· Governors are very supportive - Open evening, Sports Day etc

· Chair takes strong lead and supports Chairs of committees and clerk

· Good systems in place to induct new Governors

· Improvement in governor visits to school this year for monitoring

· Challenge and support to the school through questions

· Knowing what we need to improve related to findings from data

· Asking about PPG spending and impact this has had

· Carrying out our statutory duties as the chair and clerk are aware of these and they are cascaded down through meetings

· Range of skills on the governing body

· Well run meetings

· Good understanding of finance, secure in asking questions about budget

· Finances are well used across the school

· Chairs work well together

School – well led and managed, leadership dispersed. In a solid position (despite inevitable staffing changes) to ride the current government wave due to good systems and structures in place. Achievement good, Maths improving and the school is now better focused on pupil outcomes. This is a reliably and consistently safe, organised, high quality and pleasant environment to have a child.The school goes out of its way to provide an exciting and broad curriculum, with sports opportunities increasingly good.

GB – a core of committed people with a good range of expertise offering the right mix of challenge and support.

· Committed head teacher and staff.

· We have different governors who have expertise in different areas.

· Good team work.

Even better ifs… (Please explain how things could improve)

· Use key questions on agenda - prompts challenge/support for minutes

· CPD expectations of all Governors?

· Take on board use of questions across all meetings as of Sept 14 and support governors so they feel confident in answering them

· More governor participation in training to develop skills, not just in a locality training session

· Different people volunteering for duties

· Take ‘housekeeping’ out of meetings to use time more effectively

· Visibility of all governors across school

· Succession planning for roles-what happens when people leave?

· More feedback from SLT regarding monitoring of school priorities. Do we get enough information?

· Review governor skills do we have enough coverage of people with educational understanding, do we need more? Do we need to undertake more training in certain areas?

· Do we engage enough with parents?

· Take forward the locality collaborations from this year

· How can we build on monitoring from this year and improve even further next year?

We can be constantly focused on how to get the school from Good to Outstanding.

I am happy to come and talk with selected class groups (perhaps once or twice a term) about Christian ethics/faith/role of the church etc if necessary.

We think teaching is strong, but don’t have much externally validated evidence. (It’s not that we don’t trust the HTs view, but a second opinion or 360 chart would be helpful)

Review achievement & monitoring of School Improvement Priorities 13-14

· How have we done with monitoring this year?

· What have we found out?

· Has achievement of able pupils improved?

· Has marking improved?

· Has presentation improved? How do we know this?

· How can we evidence this?


· To further improve achievement of able pupils.

· To improve marking in all subjects.

· To further improve presentation in books.

· Sharper focus on pupil's achievement in SIP

· Probably need to look at the summary of evidence before we can comment, however the new monitoring pro-formas have helped Governors improve monitoring of objectives and the discussion about Governors monitoring the same objectives every term will also help in the future.

· Greater governor monitoring this year. Is this due to the helpful pro forma?

· Marking policy appears robust and in place across all the school

· Children respond to marking and are given time to answer questions

· Able pupils appear stretched and challenged from the answers staff gave

· Does school have a handwriting system that it follows?

· Evidence at Q&S is good for supporting governors

· HT report is interesting and gives a lot of information

· Have governors been given enough information regarding in school monitoring and findings?

· Presentation evidenced through books.

I think marking has improved. Children’s books show their hard work and learning – thanks to the teachers.

Better – more focused and better documented.

What else have we achieved this year not on the plan?

· Appoint a good clerk and LA Governor

· We have got some good new governors

· Various governors have made use of different training opportunities.

· Changing the start time of meetings seems successful

· Greater understanding of the implications of universal free school meals for KS1 and EYFS for Sept 14

· Moved towards using technology more in meetings

· Successful appointment of new clerk

· New awnings outside

· More locality contact through Head and Chair meetings

· Raised profile of the school through articles in papers/magazines

· Successful appointment of new LA governor

· Introduction of pay committee

· Good use of sports premium funding

· Aware of New Primary Curriculum and how it is being introduced across the school

· Aware of changes to SEN as of Sept 14

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