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Headteachers Report Dec 15

Castlewood Primary School

Headteacher’s Report  December  2015


Characteristics of our school

Yr R


Yr 1


Yr 2


Yr 3


Yr 4


Yr 5


Yr 6




SEN 2% of all pupils Autumn Census

Autumn 2015

Spring 2016

Summer 2016





Ethnic Codes Autumn Census 2.5% pupils


Autumn 2015

Spring 2016

Summer 2016







W&B Caribbean




Other mixed




Language other than English



There were no discrimination or harassment based on ‘protected characteristics’ (disability, gender reassignment, race, religion or belief, sex, sexual orientation, age, pregnancy and maternity), racial incidents or formal complaints of bullying.



(Target 96.6% 2015-2016 is similar to last year).

SEN pupils:2% of all pupils   (4 pupils)

Ethnic minority:2.5% of all pupils(5 pupils)

Pupil Premium Ever 6:8.5% of all pupils (17 pupils)

Autumn 2015

Spring 2016

Summer 2016

Whole School


More 90% attendance


More 95% attendance


SEN more 90%

75% (1 pupil sustained injury outside school)

SEN more 95%


Ethnic min more 90%


Ethnic min more 95%


FSM more 90%

(Forever 6 )


FSM more 95%

(Forever 6)


Priorities in the School Improvement Plan: 2015-2016

100% of pupils to be accurately tracked

 85%+ pupils in each cohort to meet end of year expectations in Read/Write/Maths

100% pupils KS2 meet end Yr expectations that achieved 2B+ in KS1, 

100% pupils that met GLD EYFS meet end Yr expectations KS1.

Greater engagement with community to improve standards


Quality of Teaching and Learning and Assessment

This term joint observations were carried out by myself and Mrs Brown and the focus was mathematics


Requires Improvement


Good with outstanding


Autumn 2015




Spring 2016

Summer 2016

Castlewood continues to use our internal tracking system that we devised to support assessment and summary data transferred to 0 track as agreed with the Locality schools.

All Year groups are now teaching the new curriculum and the school has introduced a proforma to support parents in the Autumn term to help them understand how well their children are doing in relation to standards expected, and what they need to do, to support their children to further improve. 

Enrichment opportunities have been promoted through a range of trips this term.

Yr R   Trip to Southwater Country Park(Dinosaur topic)

Yr 1/2  Arundel Castle (Secret Quest topic)

Yr 3/4  Fishbourne Roman Palace(Roman topic)

Yr 5/6  Newhaven Fort (WW2 topic)

Clubs available this term include: homework, netball, football, badminton, cookery, karate, gymnastics, film, art, choir, tag rugby, code, cross country.

Personal development, behaviour and welfare

We have reviewed the new West Sussex RE syllabus that has been published this term and will be adapting our planning to reflect these changes for the Spring term.

We have agreed this term to participate in a Peer Mentoring scheme with West Sussex involving pupils in Year 5. This programme will involve training two staff members and a number of training sessions with pupils in the Spring term. 

Pupils from our RRR group represented our school and attended a meeting with pupils from other schools in the Locality to decide on the particular global projects with Kiva that we will be supporting this academic year. The projects are: Kenya- water filtration system and Ghana- Sports Centre. This meeting was followed up by a presentation to pupils in our school by one of the RRR reps.

PSHCE lessons and assemblies are planned to promote positive behaviour and support pupils being safe. PC Beckley has talked to all classes Yr 2- Yr 6 regarding online safety and cyber bullying. He has also had a meeting for parents. The fire service have worked with Yr R,2 and Yr 6 this term.

The effectiveness of Early Years Provision

Early Excellence Baseline assessment was completed at the start of term, though it was not a statutory requirement this year. The EYFS teacher has attended all Locality EYFS meetings this term and the results of baseline assessment will be the focus of the next EYFS meeting. 

Two students are on placement in EYFS; one from Collyer’s and one from Brighton University and are being mentored by the class teacher this term.

The pupils in EYFS have overall settled in well, however we have had a significant increase in pupils not prepared for the start of school regarding independence in toileting and we are working hard to raise the expectation of these parents and have liaised with outside agencies to support us. This is one of several areas of focus for the Locality and schools want to involve a closer partnership with Pre- schools this year.

The effectiveness of Leadership and Management

Embed ambition and drive improvement

We have a shared School Improvement plan 2015-2016 with strong involvement of planned monitoring by Governors. Leader’s support staff to discuss the way they teach and encourage staff to develop different strategies that ensure all pupils make good progress. 

Staff training

INSET    : 3 Sept Review systems and expectations for new Academic Year

               :11 Dec Planning for Spring term 2016

J Slocombe

WH Heads Locality meetings, John Yates Leadership,O track

V Dedman

John Yates Leadership, Focus Teaching and Learning- English, Yr 1/2 Locality Moderation, Yr 2 Assessment

C Magwidi

Yr 1/2 English Locality moderation, Yr 2 Assessment

K Ironside

Locality Science focus group, Locality English INSET


Locality English INSET

S Burchett

Global citizenship Locality focus group

G Allan

MA in Education, EYFS Locality meetings

S Parkins

Locality SENCO meeting

S Barnard

Managing medicines

C Robertson

Managing medicines

J Jeffries

Locality Learning Mentor meeting

J Reeves

Locality Learning Mentor meeting

All Staff

Online Prevent training

Sports Premium

Allocation: £8865. The programme includes: Additional PE coaching to support staff continued professional development, specialist coaching sessions in swimming and the transportation for pupils in all year groups to attend sporting events and competitions. Continue the provision of a range of Sports activities. Yr 5 Watersports at Southwater Country Park: Kayaking, raft building and sailing. Additional sports equipment. This is likely to be the last year for this funding.

Pupil Premium

Allocation 2015-2016: £24,640. We have put in a similar programme to the previous year as discussed at Resources committee. Data for closing the gap 2014-2015 shows that there are very few disadvantaged pupils, but they do as well as their non-disadvantaged peers in end of key stage assessments. (see summary SIP report above for more information)


One family supported by regular CIN meetings (Child In Need) and one family supported through Child Protection Conference.

All regular parent helpers DBS checked, staff completed annual child protection training. Head/Deputy booked Spring term to renew Designated member of staff training. All staff are completing Prevent training this term. Annual Safeguarding report to Governors has now been replaced by an online report to County. This audit report has been completed and submitted Nov 15. Unfortunately we have to wait until we have a written report returned to us from County assessing ours status which can then be shared with Governors. Schools are currently unable to print a copy of the submitted report.

Quality of Outcomes for children and learners

SIP Report summary outcomes Nov 15 (analysis data 2014-2015 RAISEonline)

Outcomes at all levels, both historic and current, are well above average. There is strong evidence to suggest that outcomes would be judged ‘outstanding’ in an inspection.

·       In Early Years, the proportion of children reaching a ‘good level of development’ has been well above average for 3 years.

·       The proportion of children reaching the required level in the Yr 1 phonic screen has been well above average over recent years.

·       In KS1 and KS2, there is parity between the performance of subjects and attainment has been well above average for some years. Much of RAISE shows Sig+ for attainment.

·       Pupils make substantial and sustained progress - considering their starting points – throughout each year group and across the curriculum. The proportions making expected progress is high. In 2015, all children made at least expected progress in every subject. The proportion making more than expected progress is just below national expectations because attainment in KS1 is so high.

·       There are very few disadvantaged pupils, but they do as well as their non-disadvantaged peers in end of key stage assessments. (Current, early tracking information indicates that the very small numbers of PP pupils in lower KS2 may not all be on track to ‘meet’ expectations – this should be closely monitored as the year progresses.)

·       SEN pupils make good progress, even though they may not attain as highly.

·       The attainment of all groups is in line, or above, national averages.

Performance Management

Operation of the policy

There have been no appeals over the last year or allegations of discrimination regarding: race, sex, sexual orientation, disability, religion, age, part time contracts, trade union membership. Performance Management meetings were completed for Autumn term. 

Effectiveness of procedures

Line managers for staff are: Head and Deputy. All meetings are recorded on the agreed formats in the policy and objectives agreed and set. Time is allocated during the school day to carry out these meetings. 

Teacher’s training and development needs

All staff have received detailed feedback regarding formal lesson observations this term. Strengths and areas for development are identified with each member of staff and any identified areas for improvement are monitored as a result and supported by mentoring and coaching. As far as possible we attend all Locality focus meetings: moderation, Global Citizenship, English, Maths, Science, EYFS, SEN and we have offered all staff opportunities for peer observations.

Training and development of support staff

Weekly TA meetings, Locality Learning Mentor meetings, additional training depending on need and the opportunity of courses on offer..

Issues for Governors to consider

Provision of Hot Dinners Sept 2016 due to the renewal of the tendering process.

KS1 testing and future implications in 2017

The Government drive for all schools to be Academies by 2018

Replacement of Interim expectations for KS1 and KS2 in 2016-2017


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