Q&S Agenda 19th Nov 2015

Our School’s key strengths:

Care, guidance and support at all levels: Team Work

Creative Curriculum and enrichment opportunities

Positive behaviour – inside and outside of school


Q&S Committee Meeting - Thursday 19th November 2015 at 7pm



                                                                                                                                                Max Time               Lead


1.       Apologies for absence and Declarations of Pecuniary Interests         2 mins                   MR


2.       Approval of Minutes from previous meeting 1st October 2015           2 mins                   MR


3.       Matters arising from previous meeting on 1st October 2015                2 mins                   MR


Action detail



Provide copies of the Raise Online document with strengths and weaknesses.



Amend references to Year 5 to Year 4 on the Summary of New Curriculum document, under Year 4 progress.



Prevent/Channel Awareness training - send the link to all governors asking them to complete the training, and to read the Prevent Toolkit



The Child Protection Policy to be reviewed and approved in the next Q&S meeting – 19th Nov 2016

JW and MP


Ensure that confirmation of the Complaints Panel procedure is covered in the next Q&S meeting.


4.       Policies for review and approval:-                                                                   15 mins                MR

-        Child Protection Policy

-        Anti Bullying Policy

-        Behaviour Policy

-        Home School agreement

-        Recording Policy



5.       SEN Policy for approval                                                                                         15 mins                JS


6.       Complaints Panel procedure                                                                              5 mins                   JS


7.       RAISE and Local Authority visit report                                                            10 mins                MR


8.       New Curriculum update – Yr2/Yr 6                                                                  10 mins                LB


9.       Governor Monitoring Visits                                                                                                10 mins                SS


10.   Training and Development                                                                                 5 mins                   MR

-        Update on Prevent Training


11.   AOB                                                                                                                               5 mins                   All



Additional Meeting Papers provided:

-          Previous meeting minutes (1st October 2015)

-          Child Protection Policy

-          Anti-Bullying Policy

-          Behaviour Policy

-          Home School agreement

-          Recording Policy

-          SEN Policy



Dates of next meetings – Autumn Term:


Thursday 3rd Dec

7pm - FGB Meeting


Thursday 14th Jan 2016

7pm – Q&S committee

8pm – Resources committee



Priorities 2015/16

Embed tracking system

Enable Lower Ability pupils to accelerate

Raise parental expectation

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