Q&S Agenda 1st October 2015

Castlewood School Governing Body

Quality and Standards Committee                                                Castlewood Road

Chair:         Maria Roberts                                                                   Southwater

Vice Chair:  Andy Guy                                                                         West Sussex

                                                                                                                RH13 9US

                                                                                                                Telephone:            01403 734822

                                                                                                                Fax                          01403 734978


Our School’s key strengths:

Care, guidance and support at all levels: Team Work

Creative Curriculum and enrichment opportunities

Positive behaviour – inside and outside of school


Q&S Committee Meeting - Thursday 1st October 2015 at 7pm to 8pm



                                                                                                                                                Max Time               Lead


1.       Apologies for absence and Declarations of Pecuniary Interests         2 mins                   MR


2.       Approval of Minutes from previous meeting 18th June 2015                                2 mins                   MR


3.       Matters arising from previous meeting on 18th June 2015                     2 mins                   MR


Action detail



The governors discussed a number of areas that need to be managed and actioned in line with changes to Ofsted inspections.

a) All documentation to be accessible and up to date (this will be managed via the new online portal that all governors will shortly have access to) – ACTION on BA/SS

b) It is important that the school’s middle leaders’ are up to speed – ACTION on JS

c) It was agreed that in the Autumn Term, we would have some time in meetings to look at the SEF, RAISE online and other key documents so that all governors are comfortable with the content – ACTION on BA to ensure this is on the relevant agendas.





Governors to send copies of their Summer Term visits to GK for her summary.



Send CQ a copy of the Summer Term visit template



Send the proposed format and timings for FGB on 2nd July



Consider more interaction with the children when developing the visits template for the new academic year 2015/16


4.       Castlewood Achievements v Rest of West Sussex; against Ofsted good/outstanding outcomes                                                                                                                20 mins                                MR

Documents provided x 3



5.       Data Windscreens                                                                                                   15 mins                                JS

Windscreen documents provided x 12


6.       Prevent                                                                                                                        15 mins                                JS

Prevent Toolkit provided x 1


7.       Training and Development                                                                                 5 mins                   MR                                                                

8.       AOB                                                                                                                               5 mins                   All



Additional Meeting Papers provided:

-          Previous Meeting minutes from 18th June 2015

-          New Curriculum summary data 2014-15

-          Summary of Castlewood data 2014-15

-          Yr 1-6 2014-15 summary July 2015

-          Data Windscreen documents x 12

-          Prevent Toolkit



Dates of next meetings – Autumn Term:

Thursday 1st October 2015

7pm – Q&S Committee

8pm – Resources Committee


Thursday 12th Nov

7pm - Resources Committee


Thursday 19th Nov

7pm - Q&S Committee


Thursday 3rd Dec

7pm - FGB Meeting



Priorities 2015/16






What difference have we made to the school through what we have discussed today?


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