Q&S Minutes 10th March 2016

Castlewood School Governing Body                                      Castlewood Road

Chair:          Maria Roberts                                                                             Southwater

Vice Chair:  Andy Guy                                                                                    West Sussex

                                                                                                                              RH13 9US

                                                                                                                              Telephone:              01403 734822

                                                                                                                              Fax                             01403 734978



Our School’s key strengths:

Care, guidance and support at all levels: Team Work

Creative Curriculum and enrichment opportunities

Positive behaviour – inside and outside of school


Q&S Committee Meeting Minutes

Thursday 10th March 2016

Present: Chair - Maria Roberts (MR), Sarah Speed (SS), Julia Slocombe (JS), Wendy Mason (WM), Lauren Brown (LB), Nicki Brown (NB), Mary Page (MP) and Clare Quinlisk (CQ).

Clerk: Becky Atkinson (BA)

Meeting Commenced: 7pm


1.     Apologies for absence and Declarations of Pecuniary Interests

Apologies were received from Gillian Knight and Andy Guy; the governors approved these. No pecuniary interests were noted.                


2.     Approval of Minutes from previous meeting 14th January 2016

The minutes from the previous meeting were approved.


3.     Matters arising from previous meeting on 14th January 2016     


Action detail



BA to check and confirm that the Complaints Policy is available on the school’s website. ACTIONED



Following review of the pie charts generated from O-Track data, can the governors review other local school’s data to compare? And can SEN and Pupil Premium be shown on the pie charts? ACTIONED - Response below *



Add a key to the spreadsheet data, so that governors can easily identify the measures and abbreviations. ACTIONED



Prepare format and content for SEF Workshop to be held at the next Q&S meeting in March 2016. ACTIONED


* JS confirmed that it is not possible to compare other school’s data; it would be tricky to do this. JS will look to add SEN and PP info onto the pie charts.





4.     Ofsted/SEF - group session


MR introduced the session and asked the governors to think about what is the purpose of the session.

-      A discussion followed about the SEF – MR advised that some GBs help to write the SEF along with the Headteacher. A good involvement at governor level helps the governing body gain a thorough understanding of the SEF content.

-      MR asked the governors what are the Ofsted headings and sections? They are: -

1.     Effectiveness of Leadership and Management

2.     Quality of Teaching, Learning and Assessment

3.     Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare

4.     Outcomes for Pupils

ACTION (1) – Confirm the governors know these headings at the next Q&S meeting. (ALL)


The Committee agreed to ensure that the Ofsted headings and language are used more regularly on documents, agendas, minutes, reports etc.


-      MR asked the governors further questions regarding completing the SEF; a good discussion followed about evidence and how this can be collected and recorded particularly for areas that are harder to assess.

-      The Committee also discussed how they could be sure that the information, data and evidence they look at are correct and valid.


The governors then split into four groups, and looked at each of the Ofsted headings with the aim to discuss and record evidence where Castlewood has demonstrated that it is achieving the standards required.


Effectiveness of Leadership and Management – MP & LB

Quality of Teaching, Learning and Assessment – NB & WM

Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare – MR, SS & BA

Outcomes for Pupils – CQ & JS


Following this, a robust discussion was held – questions were raised such as;

-      Does Outstanding mean Outstanding every day?

-      Was the session useful?

-      Is the evidence recorded in the SEF?

-      Could we do more, e.g. asking the pupils questions?

-      How does the SEF works alongside the SIP?


A long discussion was held regarding Outstanding v Good judgement.


The Committee agreed that the outcome from this session would be a document that lists the Ofsted descriptors with our evidence alongside – it would be a working document, and will be reviewed, discussed and updated regularly.

ACTION (2) – BA to prepare the template and then the governors will populate the evidence as discussed in their groups. BA will collate all comments into one document.


A further discussion followed about the SEF document and how this should be taken forward. It was agreed that it should be updated following the discussions and evidence noted in the group sessions. The document style and format could be updated with the new categories.


MR suggested that the governors own the SEF – a discussion followed. It was agreed that it needs more in the Strengths and Judgement section, and that some of the ‘development areas’ should be Strengths.


A discussion followed about how often the SEF should be reviewed and updated.

ACTION (3) – MR to review the format of the SEF.


5.     AOB

-      It was agreed that the accompanying FFT reports should be available on the governor’s website. ACTION (4) – BA to load these.

-      JS advised that she has complied a new policy for Safer Recruitment – this will be reviewed and approved at the next FGB on 23rd March. ACTION (5) – BA to ensure this is on the agenda.

-      JS & LB have completed Child Protection and Prevent training. ACTION (6) – BA to update the training records.


Meeting ended at 8.25pm.


Dates of next meetings:

Wednesday 23rd March 2016

 7pm - FGB meeting


Thursday 21st April

7pm – Q&S Committee


Thursday 28th April

7pm – Resources Committee


Summary of Actions


Action detail



Confirm (test…) that the governors know the Ofsted sections/headings at the next Q&S meeting.



- Prepare the Ofsted descriptors template

- The governors to populate the evidence as discussed in their groups, and return to BA who will collate all comments into one document.




Review the format of the SEF, and work closely with JS/SS to decide how it should be updated going forward.



Upload the FFT reports onto the governor’s website.



Ensure that the new Safer Recruitment policy is on the agenda for the next FGB.



Update the training records.


Priorities 2015/16

Embed tracking system

Enable Lower Ability pupils to accelerate

Raise parental expectation



What difference have we made to the school through what we have discussed today?

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