Q&S Minutes 12th March 2015




Thursday 12th March 2015


Present:   Chair, Maria Roberts (MR), Sarah Speed (SS), Julie Wallace (JW), Julia Slocombe (JS), Chris Noble (CN), Wendy Mason (WM), Andy Guy (AG), Clare Quinlisk (CQ)

Clerk: Becky Atkinson (BA)

Meeting Commenced:     19.00


1.Apologies for Absence and Declarations of Pecuniary Interest

Apologies were received from Mary Page, Nicki Brown and Gillian Knight. The Governors present approved the apologies. No declarations of pecuniary interest were made.


2. Approval of Minutes from previous meeting 22 Jan 2015

All Governors present approved the minutes as a true record of the meeting.


3.Matters arising from Q&S Committee meeting 22 Jan 2015

1. Website Statutory Checklist – needs to be on the agenda for the next Q&S meeting in March. ACTIONED MR/BA

2. Send list of items missing from website, to all governors. * Please see below JS

3. Remind governors of the British Values, send by email. ACTIONED** see below BA

4. Ofsted update to be included on the next Q&S meeting in March - ACTIONED MR/BA

5. Email the Spring Term templates to all governors - ACTIONED BA

*In line with the action point above, JS provided the governors with a copy of the Website Statutory Checklist that is in progress for Castlewood. The school have been working through each area to ensure their website is up to date. Areas that require further information have been highlighted and actions are in place to ensure these are populated as soon as is possible.


** In line with British Values, a healthy discussion followed amongst the governors regarding how the school is actively recognising and promoting British Values.


4.Safeguarding changes/Disqualification in Childcare

Reports/Papers circulated prior to the meeting

JS provided an update on this matter, referring to several documents and papers that have been written regarding the regulations. Governors were reminded that this relates to regulations which prohibit anyone who is disqualified themselves, or who lives in the same household as a disqualified person (known as disqualification by association), from working in a relevant setting, including some school settings.


JS advised that the school are currently deciding on the best approach to ensure that all staff have been made aware of the requirements, and that staff have the opportunity to declare any associative relationships as required by the regulations.


The governors asked a number of questions regarding this, and its implications for staff and the school as a whole. JS will provide a further update on the approach taken at the next Q&S meeting – ACTION


5.Ofsted changes following recent consultation

Report circulated prior to the meeting

JS updated the governors regarding a report published that summarised the responses following an Ofsted consultation regarding reforms that are proposed for September 2015. Among the proposed changes are:-

-   A new Common Inspection Framework for all Early Years settings.

-   Shorter inspections for schools that were judged good at their last full inspection. This will take place approximately every three years.

A lengthy discussion followed amongst the governors regarding Ofsted inspections.


6.Website Statutory Checklist

Handout provided – matter discussed above in line with previous actions.


7.Year R baseline

JS provided a brief update regarding the new proposals for Reception assessments that aims to assess children as they start in Reception, and then monitor and measure progress into KS1 and KS2.

Schools have been asked to review several packages and provide feedback on the one that they prefer – guidance from County has been provided. JS also advised that the Locality have an EYFS focus group and they have been involved in the proposed changes.

The governors asked a number of questions regarding this, and in particular how the data will be used, and whether it will be available on O-Track – JS responded accordingly. The Committee will be updated as and when further details are known.


8.Policies for approval;

-     Confidential Reporting

JW talked through the recent review of this policy and advised the Committee of the changes that have been made.

Decision – The governors approved the amended policy. 


-     Sex and Relationships Policy

JW advised that following a review of the policy, it was suggested that some wording be removed.

Decision – The governors approved the amended policy.

Action – BA to update both policies and send to the school office.


9. Assessment Update

JS advised the Committee that she recently attended a workshop regarding the new assessment wording. The new phrases to be used are ‘Working Towards’ or ‘Met’. There was no ‘Beyond’ or ‘Mastery’. The Committee compared this to phrases used in EYFS such as Exceeding, and that just two phrases would not tell parents very much.

A good discussion followed with the Governors asking questions regarding the proposed changes to assessments.


10.Update on SIP

-     JS advised the Committee that the recent Author visit was successful, with very good feedback from pupils.

-       Staff have started coaching sessions, with teachers being paired up with each other. Staff have been allowed time during the day for these sessions. A governor asked if they have had time out of school, and JS replied that they had visited a local Outstanding school. CN reported that this was very useful and a worthwhile trip allowing the teachers to not only observe another school but to also appreciate the strengths that Castlewood has. A discussion followed and it was pointed out from one of the governors that they may also benefit from visiting a Requires Improvement school that is on track for a Good, as some of those schools have put robust systems in place to raise standards.

-       A governor pointed out that it might be beneficial to have SIP and Monitoring together, in one document. A column could be added to the SIP that shows feedback and actions from governor monitoring visits. The Committee agreed to look at the SIP templates for September to include this. Action - JS to look at SIP template for 15/16 and set up a column for Governors - evidence of progress towards objectives.

-       JS advised that a workshop for parents has recently been held for English KS2; feedback was very good, with parents commenting that it was well organised. A Maths workshop has also been held.

-       JS provided an update on the new Parenting course that has been organised – approx. 20 parents have attended each session so far. The governors asked a number of questions regarding this course, and were pleased that this has been well received.

-       JS informed the governors of how she monitors Reading Diaries to ensure that all parents and children are actively reading at home. The governors were impressed with how thorough the process is, and one governor complimented JS on her tenacity with ensuring that Reading expectations are high. This led to a discussion on similar lines regarding Parents Evening, and the lengths the teaching staff go to to ensure that all parents have been seen and spoken with.



-     JW thanked the governors that helped at the Crèche.

-     A governor asked how the job share in Year 6 was going, and JS replied that it was still very good. At the recent SATs meeting, both teachers attended and the parents welcomed this.

-     The governors were asked if anyone could cover the Year 5 monitoring visit on behalf of Rev’d Godfrey as he has now left his position. Any governor interested in conducting this visit, please speak with JW. ACTION



Meeting ended at 8.25 pm


Next Meetings:

Wednesday 25th March – FGB (7pm)

Thursday 30th April – Resources Committee (7pm)

Thursday 7th May – Q&S Committee (7pm)




Summary of Actions





1. Provide an update on the Disqualification by Association regulation and the approach taken at Castlewood – at the next Q&S meeting JS

2. Update both policies that were approved and send to the school office (MF) BA

3. Look at SIP template for 15/16 and set up a column for Governors - evidence of progress towards objectives. JS

4. If any governor is able to conduct a Monitoring visit to Year 5, in Rev’d Godfrey’s absence, please advise JW All

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