Q&S Minutes 19th Nov 2015

Castlewood School Governing Body                                     

Chair:          Maria Roberts                                                                            

Vice Chair:  Andy Guy                                                                                   



Our School’s key strengths:

Care, guidance and support at all levels: Team Work

Creative Curriculum and enrichment opportunities

Positive behaviour – inside and outside of school



Q&S Committee Meeting Minutes

Thursday 19th November 2015

Present: Chair - Maria Roberts (MR), Julie Wallace (JW), Sarah Speed (SS), Julia Slocombe (JS), Wendy Mason (WM), Lauren Brown (LB), Nicki Brown (NB), Andy Guy (AG) and Gillian Knight (GK).

Clerk: Becky Atkinson (BA)

Meeting Commenced: 7pm


1.     Apologies for absence and Declarations of Pecuniary Interests

Apologies were received from Clare Quinlisk. No apologies were received from Mary Page; the governors approved these. No pecuniary interests were noted.                 


2.     Approval of Minutes from previous meeting 1st October 2015

The minutes from the previous meeting were approved.


3.     Matters arising from previous meeting on 1st October 2015                                    


Action detail



Provide copies of the Raise Online document with strengths and weaknesses. On Agenda for discussion tonight. JS will send electronic copy to BA – ACTION (1)



Amend references to Year 5 to Year 4 on the Summary of New Curriculum document, under Year 4 progress. ACTIONED



Prevent/Channel Awareness training - send the link to all governors asking them to complete the training, and to read the Prevent Toolkit ACTIONED



The Child Protection Policy to be reviewed and approved in the next Q&S meeting – 19th Nov 2016 On Agenda for tonight

JW and MP


Ensure that confirmation of the Complaints Panel procedure is covered in the next Q&S meeting. On Agenda for tonight


4.     Polices for review and approval:-

Child Protection Policy

The governors commented on an excellent document, which is very thorough.



Anti Bullying Policy, Behaviour Policy, Home School Agreement Policy, and Recording Policy



ACTION (2) – BA to send all approved policies to the school office. 


5.     SEN Policy for approval

It was advised that there is no model policy, the policy has been written by the school. JS confirmed that the policy is correct against the Information Report, and that all requirements are covered on the school website.


A governor asked a question regarding Gifted and Talented pupils and a discussion followed.


ACTION (3) – BA to confirm with the school office that the SEN and Child Protection Policies should be published on the school’s website.


JS suggested that we keep a policy change log – so that we don’t lose sight of amendments that are identified in between the formal reviews. ACTION (4) – BA will discuss with MF; we could add a section to the Policy Grid.


It was pointed out that the Accessibility Strategy needs updating at its next review. ACTION (5) – BA to ensure this is logged.


6.     Complaints Panel procedure

The procedure was discussed and confirmed with the Committee members - rather than name Governors who will sit on the Panel, it was agreed (as per the current procedure), that governors will be asked to attend the panel depending on the nature and type of complaint received.

ACTION (6) – BA to ensure the Complaints Procedure policy is up to date.


7.     RAISE and Local Authority visit report

JS introduced the session, and displayed the latest RAISE online report for all governors to see. The governors were asked a number of questions to confirm their understanding of the data and statistics that they were looking at. Key points were:-

-      Whilst there is very good attainment for KS1, this makes excellent progress much more challenging in KS2.

-      The governors used the historic data to discuss the children currently in Year 6, against the data seen for 2012 for the same group of children.

-      The Committee were able to spot the strengths and weaknesses.

-      A discussion was held regarding Level 6 assessment; a governor asked if the school was challenging their Higher Ability pupils enough? A lengthy, robust discussion was held.

-      The Committee commented that the school is consistently about the national average; they discussed Progress v Value Added.


MR then moved on to discuss the recent LA visit that was focused on achievement and data; MR advised the Committee that the school’s achievements were outstanding due to very high achievement over time. A governor pointed out that it was important the governors are outstanding too. A discussion followed regarding long term results, and outstanding achievement across the whole school. A discussion about Ofsted followed.


The Committee were happy that the LA visit was proof of ‘external validation’ for the school’s achievements.

ACTION (7) – JS to send BA a copy of the LA visit report for loading onto the governor’s website.


8.     New Curriculum update – Yr 2/Yr 6

LB provided an update to the governors - a handout was provided which was colour coded showing statutory and non statutory requirements.  


The Committee had a long and robust discussion concerning areas of the new curriculum – a variety of questions were raised and LB/JS responded accordingly. In particular, the governors discussed requirements for Reading, Writing, Maths and GPS:-

-      It was recognised that there is a lot of expectation in Year 4.

-      Staff meetings are invaluable for ensuring that new topics are discussed in depth to ensure consistent coverage across all year groups.

-      Staff and TA subject knowledge has had a greater focus.

-      In response to a governor question regarding how consistency is achieved throughout the school, LB assured the Committee that KS1 (Vicky Dedman) and KS2 (LB) work closely together.

-      GPS is a challenging area, with grammar requirements significantly increased. 


A discussion followed regarding the huge pressure on children, particularly in Year 6. The governors were keen to ensure that support is available to the children, and JS/LB responded accordingly, reassuring the governors that the welfare of the children is a key priority.


MR asked the Committee whether it was felt that Castlewood was managing the curriculum and assessment changes well? A discussion followed; the governors were very happy with how the school has approached the changes, and implemented a new tracking system.


MR reassured the Committee that Castlewood is very well set up for the changes - the school is in a very good shape. MR confirmed that a 2nd visit would take place in Jan 2016, focused on teaching and learning -the governors felt that it would be useful for a governor to be present to see what is covered.

ACTION (8) – MR has confirmed the date as Tues 16th Jan 2016, and BA will invite governors to attend from mid morning to look at books.


It was agreed that there would be a further follow up, and an update on tracking and assessment in the Q&S meeting in the Spring Term.

ACTION (9) – MR/BA to ensure it is on the agenda for 14th Jan meeting.


9.     Governor Monitoring Visits

Governors were reminded to book in visits. It was agreed that it is important to mention informal visits to the school as well, whenever updates are provided in committee meetings. 


10.  Training and Development

Nothing to report.


11.  AOB

The New Parents Open Morning was discussed, this is being held on Friday 20th Nov – GK and SS are attending to ensure governor representation.


The Committee agreed that the SEF should be on the next agenda.

ACTION (9) – MR/BA to ensure it is on the agenda for 14th Jan meeting.


Meeting ended at 8.45pm.


Date of next meeting:


Thursday 3rd Dec

7pm - FGB Meeting


Thursday 14th Jan 2016

7pm – Q&S committee

8pm – Resources committee



Summary of Actions


Action detail



Send PDF copy of RAISE online document to Becky



Send all approved policies to the school office



Advise the office that the SEN and Child Protection Policies need to be published on the school’s website.



Discuss with MF about adding a section to the Policy Grid to keep a log of changes required at subsequent reviews of policies.



The Accessibility Strategy needs updating at its next review. Becky will add this to the log mentioned above.



Ensure the Complaints Procedure policy is up to date.



Send Becky a copy of the LA visit report for loading onto the governor’s website.



BA will email the governors re 16/1/16 LA visit



Topics for the next Q&S meeting in Jan 2016 to include Tracking & Assessment, and the SEF.


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