One More Coin

 by Castlewood School

YR  Once upon a time, there was a boy called Jack.  He lived in a deep, dark forest.  One day, Jack set out to seek his fortune with his pet dog, Bentley.  He took some snacks, so he didn’t get hungry; a tent, just in case he got tired; a compass to find the way and a flashlight for when it got dark.

Y1   Jack and Bentley began their travels on the muddy, wet path.  Jack felt excited to find his fortune.  A little while later, they came across a gloomy and spooky cave.  By the cave door, a grey wolf was snoozing.  Jack and Bentley stood as still as a statue.  Jack had a plan!

Y2  He pulled out his compass.  As he looked at the dial, it spun round and round like a tornado.  Suddenly, with a quick, magical flash, Jack and Bentley disappeared into the compass.  Jack had been given the magic compass a couple of weeks ago by a wise wizard.  He packed it because he knew it would come in handy.  Jack and Bentley teleported past the wolf and was left in a busy, bustling, underground city.

Y3  Jack could not believe his eyes!  The city was full of things which he had never seen before.  All around him were mysterious buildings – zig-zag shaped skyscrapers.  The buildings snaked their way to the cotton-candy clouds and magical clock towers whose hands were ticking backwards.

Y4 Suddenly, a threatening thunderbolt violently shook the whole city with its deafening noise.  Purple lightning bolts zoomed from the now angry, ruby-red clouds above.  For a moment, Jack was petrified and Bentley whimpered. 

Then, falling from the clouds, came shimmering gold coins and glistening emeralds.  Jack gathered a few and stuffed them in his pocket.  Accidentally, in his haste, he dropped the magical compass on the floor.  Smash!  An emerald pounded into the heart of it.

Y5  As Jack walked deeper into the city, he realised that all the light from the once bright sky had now faded.  Swiftly, he reached into his backpack for his flashlight, switched it on, and his path was illuminated once again.  With an element of curiosity, Jack shone his light, at full beam, towards one of the clock faces.  He noticed that the letters N, S, E and W were vividly engraved on the magnetic iron rim.

Could this be the key of returning to their familiar world?

Y6 Step by step, Jack climbed one of the mysterious towers, desperately hoping to find the answer to his dilemma.  As he turned the final step, he blinked in surprise.

“If you wish to return, pay a golden coin for each hour’s turn,” exclaimed the shadowy figure perched behind the clock face. 

Frantically, Jack emptied his pockets…six…seven…eight gold coins.  He needed just one more!  Bentley softly nudged his trousers and the last golden coin tumbled to the ground.  After handing over the coins, the world swirled around him until it settled back into its familiar form.

The sky was blue.  The clouds were grey.  And a lone wolf’s dagger-like teeth glinted from the darkness of the cave.

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