Reception Topic

Autumn Term 2019

“Dinosaur Roar!”is the topic for Reception this term.

Summer Term 2019

The topic for the Summer Term is “Egg Drop!”.

The children enjoyed watching some eggs hatch and seeing the chicks grow - they were sad when the chicks had to return to the farm.

First hatching (2).JPG


Day 2 photo 1.jpg

New surroundings!

Friday 3rd May - out & about (2).JPG


Dormouse Class carried out an investigation to find out if they could create an egg protector which would keep a real egg safe when they dropped it.  They planned what materials they would need and then followed their plans carefully to make their egg protectors. 


Careful designing!


The children have been learning that bees are in danger because of the changes in our towns and countryside. It can be hard for bees to find enough flowers so they have been planting sunflowers to help the bees.


Careful gardening!

Spring Term 2019

This term’s topic was “Bears, Bears Everywhere”.

Balanceability Week

The children enjoyed learning to ride balance bikes. The instructors taught them how to stop safely, speed up and to say “Excuse Me!” when overtaking.


Learning to ride balance bikes.

In Reception the temperatures were chilly.... the children learnt about polar bears.  They printed polar bears using cotton wool and added their features using black paint.


Printing polar bears

Shrove Tuesday

The children enjoyed whisking a batter and cooking pancakes. They tasted them with sugar and lemon juice.


Whisking the batter together.


Cooking the pancakes.

Paddington Bear isn't the only one who loves marmalade sandwiches! Paddington Bear arrived in our classroom on Monday and the children made him feel at home by making marmalade sandwiches and then writing a set of instructions on how to make them.


Making marmalade sandwiches.

Autumn Term 2018

The topic this term was "Knock! Knock!".

Reception received a letter from Santa so they walked to the local letter box to post their replies.


I hope the letter gets to Santa in time!

Reception had a lovely walk to the village with lots of parent helpers.


Through the woods.


Careful crossing of the road!

Reception class had to listen carefully and count the number of beads being dropped into the pot. Then working as a team they had to check by counting and find the correct numicon shape to represent the number.


Listening & Counting

The children collected leaves which they used to make hedgehogs.


Using leaves to make a hedgehog.

Reception class enjoyed getting physical in the afternoons with Play Doh and music!


Play Doh & Music!

Reception children settled quickly in to school life.


Cutting and sticking




In our own play area.

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