Year 2 Topic

Spring Term 2019

Year 2’s topic was “On The Move”.

Scooting and Skateboarding

Year 2 enjoyed learning to scoot and skateboard safely.


Scooting with Mrs Richardson.


Learning to skateboard safely

The children had fun writing their own naughty bus stories. They published their stories and shared them with Year 1 and Reception. 

Naughty Bus.JPG

Naughty! Naughty!

They had a visit from the Penny Farthing Club. The children learned the history of the penny farthing and had a turn on a smaller version. They were inspired to research bicycles and created some superb fact files.

Noah & bike pictures.JPG

Work inspired by the visit from the Penny Farthing Club

Year Two enjoyed the start of their topic ‘On the Move’. They collected suitable verbs and adjectives whilst on the playground equipment to make a range of playground poems. 

Playground poems.jpg

Having fun collecting ideas to create poetry.

Autumn Term 2018

Our topic this term was "In A Land Far, Far Away".

Year 2 used their drama skills! They acted out wolf pack behaviour in the wildlife area and used their drama experience to help their writing.

Wolf acting.jpg

Acting like a wolf.

The Key Stage 1 Ball was great fun - the children enjoyed dancing, eating and drinking.


Food and drink time at The Ball.

A trail of breadcrumbs appeared outside the Year 2 classroom door which the children followed to a sweet-making kitchen.


Crushing biscuits to make Rocky Road


Melting chocolate

After receiving a letter from Goldilocks, Year 2 have made and tasted some porridge. They have been writing instructions using imperative verbs and they plan to send their delicious recipes to Goldilocks. 


Cooking the porridge.

Chaos in the Key Stage 1 corridor! Year 2 have found a trail of breadcrumbs and are trying to find out who left them.

Breadcrumb Trail.JPG

Who has made this mess?

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