Year 3 Class Topic

Autumn Term 2019

The children are studying “Rule Britannica!” this term.

Summer Term 2019

Winners of The Beano Competition - Britain’s Funniest Class

Year 3 have been voted Britain’s Funniest Class.


Well done!

Beano Comedy Workshop

The children had a hilarious time at the Beano Comedy Workshop.


What a laugh!


It’s a Whoopie Cushion!

Year 3 are studying the “Awesome Egyptians”.

Year 3 have been investigating and creating structures to understand more about how a shaduf works.

Photo 1.jpg

Construction of a shaduf.

Fox Class have been working hard on their Ancient Egyptian Cinderella stories. When the stories were finished the children turned them into books.

Cinderella Stories 1.jpg

Careful copying.

Cinderella Stories 2.jpg

Great concentration!

Trip to Brighton Museum

The children enjoyed exploring the museum and investigating all the artefacts on display. Their workshop was about mummification and they mummified a dummy.

Photo 21.jpg

Dressed like an Egyptian!

Science Week

As part of Science Week, Year 3 examined their fingerprints for arches, loops and whorls.

Photo 3.jpg

Using a magnifying glass

Spring Term 2019

Year 3’s topic is “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”.

To begin their topic, the children used atlases to locate the mountain ranges of the world.

Learning about Mountains.JPG

Vital research using an atlas.

Year 3 worked together to create a large picture of mountains - each person used paint, pastels and collage to reproduce a small section of the original.


Using glue and collage


Pastels and paint were used here first then some tissue collage added.

“ Climbing Wall” Day

The children faced the challenge of the climbing wall, cooked white rocky mountain and performed a science investigation.


On the climbing wall


Cooking white rocky mountain.

Year 3 Science Fair

In Science focusing on forces, Year 3 have devised games using magnets. They held a Science Fair so that they could play each others’ games.


Magnet games

Autumn Term 2018

Our topic was "Stones & Bones".

The children had great fun acting out scenes from “Ug, Boy Genius of the Stone Age” and then scribing the dialogue.




Written dialogue.

The children wrote instructions about how to brush a sabre tooth tiger’s teeth.


Concentrating hard!

Year 3 created some woolly mammoths and then wrote instructions about how to make them.


A Woolly Mammoth


Inspired Writing

Trip to Worthing Museum

The children explored the Museum, looking at artefacts from Stone Age times. They were also able to handle relics from this era that had been found in the local area.


Handling artefacts


Archaeological digging.

In Gymnastics, Year 3 have been exploring the different shapes that they can make with their bodies including: thin, small, round and wide shapes.


What shapes are they making here?

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