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The committee shall consist of at least six members of whom four shall constitute a quorum.  The Chair and Vice Chair will be elected annually.  In addition the Chair of Governors shall be an ex-officio member with the right to vote.


In the event the Chair steps down during their tenure, the committee shall re-elect an interim Chair.




The committee shall meet twice per term, and otherwise as required.  The minutes of those meetings will be circulated to all Governors.




-      Oversee the preparation of the annual budget plan and ensure it links to the school improvement plan priorities agreed by the governing body

-      Approve the final budget

-      Notify the approved budget to the LA by the agreed deadline of 31st May

-      Agree the level of delegation to the Headteacher for the day-to-day financial management of the school

-      Monitor expenditure and ensure corrective action is taken where necessary

-      Evaluate spending to ensure the budget provides value for money in terms of raising standards of education

-      Monitor income and expenditure of all public funds according to an agreed timescale i.e. budget share and any other funds devolved by the LA

-      To monitor and manage the budget including the approval of transfer between budget headings (virements).  The Headteacher can make virements up to £5000, the committee has an upper limit of £10,000 and any items over £10,000 must go to the full Governing Body for approval

-      Ensure accurate accounts are kept

-      Ensure key financial decisions are properly recorded

-      Review the whole school pay policy annually, taking account of national and local developments

-      Ensure the school adheres to the LA’s conditions of the ‘Scheme for Financing Schools’.

-      Authorise signatories for the school bank account for notification to the County Treasurer

-      Ensure the audit of all non-public (voluntary) funds, including school funds, trading accounts, subscription funds, charity funds as well as club and society accounts which must be run in accordance with LA regulations

-      Ensure recommendations arising from school audits are properly implemented

-      Establish procedures for governorsto claim expenses

-      Receive a termly update from the head teacher monitoring the use of allocated premiums.

-      Ensure pupil premium and sports premium is reported on the school website

-      Ensure the Schools Financial Value Standard (SFVS) is reviewed annually and a signed copy sent to the LA according to an agreed timescale




-      Monitor the implementation of the school’s Performance Management Policy

-      Monitor the school’s compliance with the phased workforce reforms set out in the National Agreement on Workforce Remodelling

-     Decide arrangements for all staff appointments, except for the appointment of the head and deputy Headteacher which is the responsibility of the full governing body

-      In relation to staff appointments, including internal promotions, agree the appropriate level of delegation to the Headteacher 

-   Ensure all procedures relating to the recruitment, selection and appointment of staff comply with the law and take account of equal opportunities

-    Ensure there are proper policies and procedures in place for dealing with staff appraisal, behaviour in the work place (staff discipline), grievance, capability, redundancy, pay and Sickness absence (staff absence, including sickness). Where West Sussex County Council model policies and procedures are not adopted, carry out consultation with staff and unions

-      Review the staffing structure on a regular basis, especially following a resignation, taking into account the needs of the school improvement plan

-      Monitor the use of the school’s In-Service Training (INSET) budget for staff training and review its effectiveness





-      Organise the preparation and implementation of a premises development plan which details the annual programme of repairs, maintenance and improvements, in liaison with the LA

-      Report on the financial implications and monitor the implementation of the plan

-      Agree the level of delegation to the Headteacher for the day to day responsibility for the premises

-      Agree major capital works and improvements

-      Ensure self-help procedures are followed for mechanical, electrical, new build and improvement works

-      Ensure that whenever maintenance or improvement work is carried out, investigations are undertaken to check for asbestos containing materials in the area of work

-      Consider, approve or propose amendments to the LA’s annual consultation with schools on asset management plans, local policy statement and statement of priorities

-      In accordance with Special Educational and Disability Act 2001 ensure the preparation, regular review and revision, where necessary, of a written Accessibility Plan to:

a)     Increase the extent to which disabled pupils can participate in the curriculum;

b)     Improve the physical environment of the school to increase participation of disabled pupils;

c)     Improve the delivery of information


-      Receive reports on the necessary risk assessments for health and safety, security and fire by ensuring they comply with West Sussex procedures

-      Monitor the use of on-site environmental facilities and their impact on teaching and learning

-      Set the level of maintenance service the school is able to purchase from service providers

-      Oversee the letting of contracts for maintenance and improvement works in accordance with the LA’s Standing Orders, within agreed budgetary limits

-      Ensure the security of the school premises and fire safety measures, including the alarm systems and fire drill

-      Ensure that the school’s emergency plan and other Health and Safety emergency plans are maintained and reviewed at regular intervals.  This includes any required involvement during safety and emergency exercises to test the effectiveness of such plans

-      Ensure the school complies with health and safety regulations

-      Receive reports on the monitoring of gas, water, electricity services

-      Ensure adequate premises insurance in consultation with the Headteacher

-      Determine a policy and scale of charges for the letting of premises outside school hours. Monitor and review the implementation of that policy. Ensure all statutory requirements for letting premises are satisfied. This is linked to the extended schools before and after school policy.

-      Approve and selectively monitor off-site visits and activities of more than 24 hours involving a potential hazard.

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