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Home School Agreement

Responsible Use of Images information 

Pupil Acceptable Use Policy for use of the school network, and internet access   



Castlewood School Vision Statement

Growing together, learning together, trusting together to achieve our full potential

Happiness leads to success  

C        Celebrating achievement

A        Aiming high

S        Sharing with all our community

T        Taking care to keep each other safe

L        Learning for life

E         Encouraging respect


The School agrees to:

  • Ensure your child’s physical and social well being at all times, and to foster feelings of confidence, self-worth and belonging.
  • To teach your child to develop a positive attitude towards everyone regardless of difference in gender, race, culture, belief, values, age and need.
  • To encourage your child to be an active contributor to school life, their community and society and participate in decision making.
  • To share with your child the articles of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child so that they better understand their rights and responsibilities and those of others, locally, nationally and global
  • Deliver a balanced and carefully planned curriculum which meets the needs of your individual child.
  • Provide where practicable after school extra-curriculum activity designed to enrich your child’s experience.
  • Ensure that all homework tasks (where given) are on an agreed day, and that they reflect your child’s learning needs.
  • To actively welcome parents/carers into the life of the school and to ensure that teaching staff are available, by mutual arrangement, to discuss any concerns you might have about your child’s progress or general welfare.
  • Contact and discuss with you any problems or concerns relating to your child’s attendance, punctuality, work or behaviour.
  • Arrange Parents/Carers evenings during which your child’s progress will be discussed and provide you with an Annual Record of Achievement.
  • Ensure that teaching staff keep up to date on important educational developments and initiatives which might effect your child, and to inform you of these at given meetings where appropriate.


I/We agree to:

  • Discuss this Home/School Agreement with my child.
  • Ensure that my child attends school regularly and that absences are properly notified.
  • Ensure that my child arrives and (where appropriate) is collected promptly at the beginning and end of the school day.
  • Support the school’s policies and guidelines on behaviour and equal opportunities.
  • Support my child in his/her homework and wherever possible promote opportunities for home learning.
  • Support School events my child is involved in.
  • Attend Parent’s Evenings and discussions about my child’s progress at school.
  • Support the school in sharing the UNCRC articles so that my child understands their rights and responsibilities.
  • Avoid taking my child out of school for holidays, especially at important times such as prior to SATs and NCTs. 
  • Where holiday permission is granted, understand that Staff cannot set written work to cover such absences.


I agree to:

  • Always try to do my best in my lessons.
  • Always try to be polite and thoughtful towards others.
  • Always try to enjoy school and help other children to do the same.
  • Ask for help if I need it.
  • Always respect other’s culture, race, feelings, beliefs and values.
  • Recognise that I have rights and also a responsibility for the rights of others


Responsible use of images 

By agreeing to this document I give consent to photographs of my child being used for the following:

Typical use of photographs:

  • Work in school: Key skills in PE, performing arts, sporting events, photographs and work shared with International Schools, media such as local papers, displays, publications by the school, site security CCTV and the school website.
  • Images of pupils being photographed/recorded by parents during extra curricular events, sports day, Christmas production for personal use e.g parents videoing school productions, sports day are exempt from Data Protection Act. 
  • Pupils are not allowed to have mobile phones in school, particularly those that possess photographic capabilities. Any phones that are brought into school must be kept in the office until the end of the day.

Pupil Acceptable Use Policy – Key Stage 1  

Our school has adopted the latest county guidelines for acceptable use of the school network, and internet access.  We would be grateful if you would read and discuss this policy with your child. 

All pupils must follow the guidance given in this policy when using school computers.

Pupils that do not follow these rules may find:

·         They are not allowed to use the computers,

·         They can only use the computers if they are more closely watched.

Their teachers will show pupils how to use the computers.  

Computer Guidelines


I will only use polite language when using the computers.


I must not write anything that might: upset someone or give the school a bad name.


I know that my teacher will regularly check what I have done on the school computers.


I know that if my teacher thinks I may have been acting inappropriately they will check on how I have used the computers before.


I must not tell anyone my name, where I live, or my telephone number - over the Internet.


I must never use other people’s usernames and passwords or computers left logged in by them.


I must log off after I have finished with my computer.


I must not use the computers in any way that stops other people using them.


I will report any websites that make me feel uncomfortable to my teacher or another member of staff.


I will tell my teacher or another member of staff straight away if I am sent any messages that make me feel uncomfortable.


I will not try to harm any equipment or the work of another person on a computer.


If I find something that I think I should not be able to see, I must tell my teacher straight away and not show it to other pupils.


Examples of unacceptable use include, but are not limited to:

§  Using a computer with another person’s username and password. 

§  Creating or sending on the Internet any messages that might upset other people.

§  Looking at, or changing work that belongs to other people.

§  Waste time or resources on school computers. 

Student Acceptable Use Policy – Key Stage 2 

Our school has adopted the latest county guidelines for acceptable use of the school network, and internet access.  We would be grateful if you would read and discuss this policy with your child. 

All pupils must follow the conditions described in this policy when using the school network and Internet access. 

Pupils that do not follow these conditions may face:

·         Withdrawal of the access,

·         Monitoring of the network activity,

·         Investigation of past network activity,

·         In some cases, criminal prosecution. 

Teachers will show their pupils how to use the resources available through the schools network.  School staff will regularly check the network to make sure that it is being used responsibly.

The school will take the responsibility for backing up data but not be responsible for any loss of data or work as a result of pupil mistakes in using the system.  The use of any information gathered via the network and the school Internet connection is at the student’s own risk.

Conditions of Use

Pupils will be expected to use the school network system for the purposes for which the school provides it.   It is the personal responsibility of every student to take all reasonable steps to follow the conditions set out in this Policy.  Students must also accept personal responsibility for reporting any misuse of the network to their teacher or other member of staff.

Acceptable Use

Pupils are expected to use the network systems in a responsible manner. All use should be consistent with the school ethos and code of conduct. The following list provides some guidance that must be followed: 


I will not create, send or post any material that is likely to: upset or offend other people or give the school (or West Sussex County Council) a bad name.


I will only use appropriate language – I will remember that I am a member of the school on a public system.


I will not use language that could stir up hatred against any ethnic, religious or other minority group.


I realise that members of staff can check files held on the school network.


I will not reveal any personal information (e.g. home address, telephone number) about myself or other users over the network.


I will not trespass into other users’ files or folders.


I will not share my login details (including passwords) with anyone else. Likewise, I will never use other people’s username and password.


Yr 6 pupils will ensure that if I think someone has learned my password then I will tell Mrs Brown or my class teacher.


I will ensure that I log off after my network session has finished.


If I find an unattended machine logged on under other user’s username I will not continue using the machine – I will log it off immediately.


I understand that I will not be allowed access to unauthorised chat rooms and should not attempt to gain access to them.


I am aware that e-mail is not guaranteed to be private. Messages supporting of illegal activities will be reported to the authorities. Anonymous / unnamed messages are not permitted.


I will not use the network in any way that would disrupt use of the network by others.


I will report any accidental access to other people’s information or websites that make me feel uncomfortable to Mrs Brown or my class teacher.


I will report to Mrs Brown or my class teacher immediately if I am sent any messages or materials that make me feel uncomfortable.


I will not introduce “USB drives” or other portable devices into the network without having them approved and checked for viruses.


I will not try to visit websites that might be inappropriate or illegal. Downloading some material is illegal and I know the police or other authorities may be called to investigate if this were done.


I will not download or install any unapproved software from the Internet.


I will not attempt to harm any equipment, work of another user, or another website connected to the school system.


I agree to follow the acceptable use policy of any other websites or networks that I access.


Examples of unacceptable use include, but are not limited to:

§  Logging in with another person’s user ID and password, or using a machine left unattended, but logged in by another user.  

§  Creating, sending, or posting on the Internet any material (text, images or sounds) that is likely to upset other people, cause offence.

§  Unauthorised access to resources and work that belong to other “users”.

§  Pupil activity that would cause:

§  Damage or destruction of other users’ work,

§  Go against the privacy of other users,

§  Deliberately waste time or resources on the school network. 

Network Security

If you discover a security problem, for example being able to see other pupils work area, you must inform Mrs Brown immediately and not show it to other users.  Students identified as a security risk will be denied access to the network.

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