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Summary Evaluation



Data 3 Year trend

School context: Single class entry, with slightly more boys than girls in the school. NOR: 200

FSM for ever 6:18 pupils: 9%, EAL: 4 pupils 2% SEND: 4 pupils 2%

Castlewood is in an affluent area and its pupil population is averagely stable.Yr R entry data- in line with National

Results July 2015

EYFS: GLD 87% (Nat 60% ) well above National last 3 years Yr 1 Phonic screening 89% (Nat 75%) well above over recent years

KS1 RWM -2B+ 93% (Nat 70%) 3+ 20% (Nat 16%) Much of RAISEonline for attainment shows Sig+

KS2 L4+ RWM 100% (Nat 80%), L5+ RWM 52% (Nat 24%) Much of RAISEonline for attainment shows Sig+

Value added : Just below National as attainment high KS1

Pupil Premium: 18 pupils

11/18 met National expectations

1 pupil in KS1& 1 pupil KS2 below National – both received SEN Support and evidence of good progress

5 pupils working within National expectations

Attainment of all groups in line or above national averages


Key Issue



Previous inspection March 2013

Graded GOOD overall

Expectations of all pupils consistently high and work set sufficiently challenging

For most able.

Pace of lessons brisk

Clear explanation in lessons what pupils need to do to be successful.

Consistent approach to marking pupil’s work- regular opportunities for pupils to respond.

Consistently high expectations of standards of presentation in pupil’s books.

Sharpen focus on pupil’s achievement in development plans

See 3 year improved Data results RAISEonline

Teachers-Peer obs-in house 13/14-15/16, visits to an Outstanding school 14-15 focussed on improving classroom practice, staff meeting agendas- relentless focus on teaching and learning

Formal Observations 100% Good/Outstanding Aut15/16

Reviewed marking policy, introduced pupils- green pen13/14, rigorous annual timetable work scrutiny- strengths/ next steps identified

Reviewed handwriting policy- major focus on letter formation/joining.

Rigorous monitoring by Governors- SIP focus on improved monitoring proforma- hold school to account

Key Stage Leaders more experienced -stronger role in mentoring/coaching and leading monitoring

School Improvement plans now have a sharper focus on achievement





Strengthen system of tracking progress in the new curriculum –internal school and within the locality.

Strengthen differentiation to ensure teaching the new curriculum-LA accelerated to achieve a more challenging curriculum and meet National Expectations, HA pupils embedding learning

Increased expectation of parental support with: reading/spelling/multiplication tables (to ensure that basics are secure so that we are able to continue to maintain our high standards)

Strengths & judgement


Area for development



CPD John Yates Leadership training 2015-2016. LT have attended this training over last 3 yrs

Leaders tackle underperformance quickly so that it does not impact on progress

Staff induction is exemplary and monitored effectively by Governors

3/7 staff on maternity leave 2014-2015.

Curriculum is innovative and inspirational, promotes equality of opportunity

Safeguarding meets requirements

Governors are well trained, skills analysis enables them to fulfil statutory duties and support and challenge the school.

Strategic data management has enabled the gap for disadvantaged pupils to close across the school.

PP and Sports fund used well

Gov.’s compare school locally& nationally, hold HT to account- Appraisal

Continue to develop coaching programme with staff, continue to develop dispersed leadership.

Continue to develop and implement robust monitoring programme with LT. Any areas of weakness are tackled by support and challenge.

Annually maintain and review all systems in school to ensure all staff use and understand them-ie ensure we maintain consistency.

Continue to seek opportunities eg Business enterprise/community/locality work:

Castlewood Ambassador programme, Pupil tutor programme, introduce Peer mentoring scheme with Yr 5 pupils supported by SALUS.

Continue annual meeting with regular parent helpers to ensure our protocols are being followed. Ensure Staff/Governors are updated regularly on Child Protection/Safeguarding.

Strategic recruitment and developed role of Governors to ensure that we maintain a range of skills. Governors attend regular training to ensure that they are confident and up to date with changes.

Continue to develop skills and competencies of the Governing Body. Link Governor proactive in promoting CPD to support and challenge the school.

Strengths & judgement


Area for development



Class Charters set up each year and reviewed regularly

Consistent approach rewards/sanctions across the school lessons and break times

Pupil’s behaviour around the school is orderly and they work well together in a range of situations, our pupils are always commended on school trips. Any behaviour issues- dealt with swiftly by staff.

British values are promoted, as a result tolerance and respect are clear in all behaviour

Range of pupil responsibilities – Head Boy/Girl, House Captains, School Council, RRR, Tutors, Play Leaders

Pupils made aware how to remain safe: e safety, anti-bullying, fire, stranger danger

Attendance consistently high

Continue to ensure all new pupils/staff that join our school are clear about our expectations RRR.

Annual review of Behaviour/Anti bullying /Child protection policy. Relentless focus on good behaviour across the school in all areas, at all times.

Continue to ensure that all staff in all settings consistently maintain the same expectations through regular discussion at staff and TA meetings.

Continue to ensure PSHCE lessons continue to contribute to developing good citizenship and respond swiftly to any perceived need for pupils within a class.

Continue to develop the role of play leaders, School Council and RRR reps

Annual visit School Liaison officer : eg Junior citizenship,-e safety, Fire service to promote safety. Continually review safety procedures- keep up to date with National developments

Continue to rigorously deal with lateness, absence, regularly inform parents of our attendance figures and conduct meetings with parents if attendance dips.

Strengths & judgement


Area for development



Teaching is: 100% good/outstanding

-Lessons matched to pupils needs and evidence high level of challenge

Staff/Key Stage meetings focus on Teaching and Learning- good practice frequently discussed

Maintain consistently good teaching and increase % outstanding

Monitor progress of individual pupils working towards National expectations

Continue to ensure high challenge HA pupils to embed learning

Continue to provide opportunities for peer obs, visits to schools outside our locality.

Strengths & judgement


Area for development



3 Year improved trends

Relentless focus on Teaching and Learning

Developed our own assessment system that is now being trialled by another school

Continue staff CPD accurate judgements in new curriculum.

Ensure that standards are maintained and continue to improve through rigorous monitoring of standards and review of data.

Continue to refine our tracking system after responding to feedback from staff.

Strengths & judgement


Area for development



Baseline and GLD documents moderated in cluster and in house

Leadership EYFS experienced teacher,

Progress good from starting points, well prepared for Yr 1.

CPD for TAs on going and strengthened in EYFS

Establish further links with pre-schools to raise standards on entry, Pre-school Locality Conference planned 2016.

Continue to develop outdoor provision

Introduce Early Excellence- baseline assessment, TAs trained to use IPads effectively.

Judgement: Grade:



Since previous inspection school leaders have developed and improved monitoring procedures to ensure rigorous and robust monitoring to support steady improvement of raised standards across the school.

Effective Staff CPD with introduction of the new curriculum and assessment procedures.

Governors have developed further in their role of support and challenge through rigorous self-review and continued CPD.

Relentless pursuit of excellence.

Strong sense of team with shared vision and values.

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