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SIP 14/15

Castlewood Primary School: Key Improvement Priorities 2014-15

Priority 1 : ACHIEVEMENT

100% of able pupils (1b+ baseline KS1, 2a+ baseline KS2) achieve good or better progress in English

100% of able pupil make expected progress and 45% make more than expected progress

School Actions

Monitoring (LT)

Monitoring (GB)

Monitoring (GB)

What questions do we ask?

How do we know this has been successful?

1a.Raise standards in English by highlighting the

importance of regularly reading at home

-Review and agree clear school expectations in each year group with regards to parent involvement in reading.

-Place greater emphasis on all parents hearing their children read regularly at home.

-Ensure Home School diaries are monitored at least weekly by TA/Teacher using a consistent whole school approach.

-Workshops to be set up to support parents Autumn term–how to support reading at home for KS1 and KS2.

-Introduce the New Picture Book Award scheme in conjunction with West Sussex Library Service

-Organise an Author visit to raise profile of reading – Spring term

Informal lesson observations

Termly Formal lesson observations

Monitoring English short and medium term planning

Staff/Key Stage /LT meeting Agendas /minutes

Half termly meetings with all class teachers re pupil

progress/review tracking data:

Reading, Writing, Spelling

Monitor and review the effectiveness of booster sessions

Performance Management reviews

Work Scrutiny

Termly Moderation


Head teacher’s report JS: termly update on summary

of judgements Informal/Formal lesson observations.

Discussion with staff about the observation process and

support given for next steps.

(Individual targets not discussed)


Termly update Q&S monitoring English planning LBr/


Class teachers termly to assess impact of support

given to challenge able pupils in English

Termly update to Q&S

Monitoring data tracking


Class Teachers-discuss Performance Management

process in place and support given.

(Specific targets not discussed)

End Autumn and Spring Term

Show me what you send home to parents about reading


How clear is the expectation about reading at home?

Has your focus on reading at home made parents listen to

their child more regularly?

Is this better than last year?

Where is your evidence?

How many times per week is average?

How has this impacted on children’s confidence?

And progress?

Can I talk to some children about how often they ready

at home?

Can I ask them how they use their reading journals?

Do you have some reading journals to show me?

How did the parental workshops go?

What input did you have?

What would you do differently next time?

Spring Term

Tell me about the New Picture Book Award Scheme.

How will it make reading more attractive to pupils?

How will the school operate this system?

Who is responsible for overseeing?

What will the impact be on children’s reading?

Summer Term

Tell me about the author’s visit? Is this new or

something the school does every year? Which year groups

benefit? What is the quality of the author visit?

What do pupils tell us about the visit? Is it worthwhile?

Inspirational? Does is make pupils want to read? Write?

What have they written as a result of the author’s visit?

In what genre? At what level?

1b. RAISE STANDARDS IN ENGLISH by reviewing the use of quality texts across all year groups

-Review the quality texts used in each year group, review how texts are used in planning a sequence of lessons over

time to produce high quality writing. (coaching staff)

-Increased use of quality texts to support teacher’s modelling of writing particularly in non-fiction writing (coaching staff)

-Increase use of quality text to support SPAG (Mentoring staff)

Can you show me an example of one week’s lesson plan

when you use quality texts in a sequence of lessons?

Have you worked differently this year as a result of

using these texts?

How would you use quality texts to model writing?

How do you select specific texts?

Have you noticed a difference in the quality of writing

this year?

What support have you received to enable you to deliver

on government expectations in SPAG?

1c. RAISE STANDARDS IN ENGLISH BY raising the profile of spelling

-Focus whole school on ensuring all children are spelling high frequency words accurately, conduct baseline assessment in each year group and review progress

termly. For those pupils that require additional support, organise boosters.

-Pupils to understand all of the taught spelling rules and consistently apply these when writing. Focus on the application of the rules to new words. Revisit previous

patterns frequently to ensure learning is consolidated.

How have you supported children who need additional

support in spelling ‘high frequency words’ this year?

How have you developed your plan this year to improve

teaching of spelling rules?

Through re-visiting previous patterns, have you seen an

improvement in the consolidation of learning?

Ensure coverage of new National Curriculum re: Grammar

-Staff training on technical vocabulary from New National Curriculum in preparation for testing 2016.

-Training on teaching this technical vocabulary so that children find it meaningful and it improves the quality of

their writing.

Have you received any staff training on technical

vocabulary for New National Curriculum?

Castlewood School: Key Improvement Priorities 2014-15


Teaching and Learning increasingly moving from Good to Outstanding to achieve:

100% Good or better

75% Good with Outstanding Features

School Actions

Monitoring (L T)

Monitoring (GB)

GB - questions

How do we know this has been


Use Staff Teams:

(Upper Key Stage 2, Lower Key Stage 2, Key Stage 1 and EYFS) to support:

Improved communication and planning discussions to reduce workload by: weekly team meetings with TAs. Focus a week ahead to anticipate eg Team teaching, TA deployment

LT review Oct/Nov 13 to see if there needs to be any

amendments as a result of achievement previous year.

Review impact through Key Stage/Staff meetings and

Performance Management.

Termly update Heads Report Full Board

Termly update to Q&S

Can you tell us who is in your team?

Have you been able to implement weekly meetings with


Can you tell me what the TAs think of this?

What impact has this had on your planning?

Joint reinforcement of teaching-Intervention groups planned between 2 year groups where applicable. Develop greater flexibility of where and how TAs support.

Can you give me an example of how you have used TAs

flexibly across the year groups?

How do teaching and learning improve as a result of this?

Coaching/Mentoring sessions systematically set up each term to focus on supporting practice in any areas identified to improve

Can you explain the difference between coaching and


Are you currently involved in the coaching or mentoring


How was this decided?

Have you found it helpful?

CPD opportunities: Staff/TAs to observe Teaching and Learning in another Locality school to support developing own practice.

Have you been on a visit to a locality school?

Has it been helpful?

Assessment: Staff increasingly responsible for analysing own data using 0 Track, able to identify the next steps needed to improve progress so that all Class Teachers

are increasingly proactive in half termly reviews.

What impact do you think the introduction of O Track

has had on your ability to assess the children’s progress?

Castlewood School : Key Improvement Priorities 2014-15


School Actions

Monitoring (LT)

Monitoring (GB)

GB - questions

How do we know this has been


3a) Greater engagement with hard to reach parents.

Ensure 100% pupil premium pupil make at least expected

progress and 30% good progress

Provide workshops in response.

Setting up parenting programme.

Feedback from parent questionnaires

Termly update Heads Report Full Board

Termly update to Q&S

Feedback from parent questionnaires

Do you understand who your hard to reach parents are?

How are hard to reach parents identified?

Talk me through what steps you have taken to

communicate with hard to reach parents?

What challenges did you find with this?

What successes have you had with this?

Is there any further support you would find helpful in

reaching these parents?

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