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SIP 15/16

Castlewood Primary School: Key Improvement Priorities 2015-16

Priority 1 : ACHIEVEMENT

100% of pupils to be accurately tracked on the new curriculum using the agreed system, enabling stakeholders to be aware of the progress made each term. Staff working towards at least 85% pupils in each cohort to meet end of year expectations in Read/Write/Maths

School Actions

Monitoring (LT)

Monitoring (GB)

Monitoring (GB)

What questions do we ask?

How do we know this has been successful?

Embed our own internal tracking system Read/Write/Maths Yr 1-6- all objectives

Half Termly monitoring

Half termly meetings with class teachers to discuss data

Head teacher’s report Full Govs : termly update

Discussion with staff and LT

Please can you remind me of how the internal tracking system works? Can you show me some examples of how you record the children's progress? Is the data useful? How much time does the recording take up?

Please can you tell me how you know if you are making progress in your learning.

Can you show me something that your teacher has written on your work to help you learn better?

Yr 2/6 implement new curriculum

Monitoring planning/books

Termly update Q&S monitoring planning /books LT

How is the implementation of the new curriculum going? Have you had to learn anything new to help you deliver it?

Have you had help and support in preparing for the change? Can you show me some of your medium or short term planning?

Can you show me some topic work you have done this term?

Ensure consistency of our internal judgements via in house termly quality assurance

Termly monitoring books/planning/

Judgements KS meetings and Staff meetings

Class teachers termly impact of procedures we have in place

Please can you describe the process involved in the termly quality assurance. How helpful is this process?

Can you show me an example of work which has been discussed in a quality assurance meeting?

Can you show me some Maths/English work you have done this term?

Introduce new West Horsham Locality agreed system of tracking key objectives in Otrack

-Deliver CPD using Class Track -Sept 15

-All staff in Locality use agreed codes and objectives

-All staff in Locality use these as a basis for quality assurance at locality moderation

Lead Locality moderators summary reports

Key Stage/Staff meetings follow up discussions and monitoring tracking

Termly update to Q&S

Monitoring data tracking


Class Teachers-discuss use of Class track and impact supporting accuracy of judgements and pupil target setting

Talk me through the Locality agreed key objectives.How do they work alongside existing systems?

Could governors sit in on one of these discussions?

Increased staff understanding of Government exemplification materials Aut 15

Increased staff understanding of end of Key Stage descriptors when published Aut 15

LT/KS and Staff meetings

Termly update to Q&S

Monitoring how they will be used in school to support judgements

Could governors sit in on one of these discussions?

Castlewood School: Key Improvement Priorities 2015-16


100% pupils KS2 meet end Yr expectations that achieved 2B+ in KS1,

100% pupils that met GLD EYFS meet end Yr expectations KS1.

School Actions

Monitoring (L T)

Monitoring (GB)

GB - questions

How do we know this has been


To ensure continued differentiation teaching the new curriculum enabling:

- LA pupils to accelerate and meet raised expectations

-HA pupils have increased opportunities to embed their skills in the New Curriculum

Quality assurance- termly monitoring of planning and book scrutiny to see evidence of this in practice

Monitoring intervention programmes for LA pupils

Termly update Q&S

Please can you show me some planning and/or pupils' work which illustrates differentiation for both HA and LA pupils?

show me how this planning translates into pupil outcomes in books. Are HAPs able to describe how they apply their knowledge in different contexts? Can you give me examples?

Please describe to me how you identify those children who need intervention and what this provision consists of.

How long does the intervention last? How do you know when the pupil has ‘caught up’? How are they supported when flying solo in class? What % of objectives are LAPs meeting?

Speaking to a HA group, governors could ask them to show their 'best'/favourite piece of topic work.

Govs ask pupils to show them work that really shows they understand xxx objectives and talk about their learning.

Staff and Key Stage meetings each term to share practice and discuss planning to further evidence this

Termly tracking in KS2

2B+ pupils on track to achieve- met

Termly tracking GLD EYFS

On track or met end KS1

Class teacher discussion- planning/books to evidence this particular focus on Independent Writing and Maths books

Please tell me how you are going about focussing on Independent writing? How does this differ from your usual approach?

Please show me some examples of Maths work which illustrates the new curriculum requirements.

Continue to increase opportunities for choice/independence away from the point of teaching

Classroom observations/formal/informal

Class teacher discussion

How are the children responding to tasks which are designed to promote independent working?

What impact has this new emphasis had on standards?

Marking to evidence continued dialogue for improvement

Independent books standards monitored by LT

Termly update Q&S

Please show me some marking you have done which specifically encourages a dialogue for improvement.

When talking to pupils governors could ask them to show work which they have improved as a result of the teacher's marking.

Castlewood School : Key Improvement Priorities 2015-16


School Actions

Monitoring (LT)

Monitoring (GB)

GB - questions

How do we know this has been


Increased expectation of parental support of all parents in supporting their children in : Reading, Spelling and Multiplication tables

100% pupils in Year 6,5, know all their multiplication tables

100% pupils know their tables 4 by end of year,

100% of pupils in Year 3 know: 2,5,10,3,4,8 apply to 50 and 100

100% of pupils in Year 2 know: 2,5,10

Monitored weekly by staff and procedures followed

Termly update Heads Report Full Board

Termly update to Q&S

Discussion with class teachers, evidence in books/logs

Please describe to me how you are encouraging parents to help their children to learn their tables. How successful has this been?

How do you monitor the children's progress?

All staff follow the same procedures for holding parents to account in supporting their children with regularly learning these skills

Staff use agreed system of discussion/letter to parents/meeting with Head

Reading logs- monitored weekly by staff and procedures followed

Spelling patterns systematically learned - monitored weekly by staff and procedures followed

Similar questions to above .

Parent workshops/handouts to support all available to parents

Staff Meetings/Key stage meetings

Feedback from parent questionnaires

Governors would like to see these handouts and attend workshops if appropriate.

To continue to ensure good behaviour by:

Offering a parenting course funded by Locality -focus on KS1 parents:

Monitor impact behaviour KS1 pupils/parent meetings with Head

LT monitor attendance at these workshops

Analyse behaviour – PSHCE tracking termly

Review behaviour log termly

Update to Q&S

Can you tell me (anonymously) any examples of children who can be seen to have improved following their parents' attendance at the parenting course?

To continue to raise profile of Foundation subjects by:

Develop further opportunities for parents to contribute to pupils learning in school by:

90s day- Invite parents/grandparents in to share their experiences (History) (day May 16)

MFL/Geog /culture- (day Jan 16)- pupils

Parents/Grandparents afternoon in school –share their experience of school/working life (pm Nov 15)

Staff meetings/Key stage discussions

Feedback from parents/pupils

Staff/Pupil discussions/share work

Governors might be able to attend/contribute to these special events.

Review RAISEonline and amend SIP if there are any areas that need to be addressed

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