Reception Topic

Autumn Term 2019

“Dinosaur Roar!”is the topic for Reception this term.

Summer Term 2019

The topic for the Summer Term is “Egg Drop!”.

The children enjoyed watching some eggs hatch and seeing the chicks grow - they were sad when the chicks had to return to the farm.

First hatching (2).JPG


Day 2 photo 1.jpg

New surroundings!

Friday 3rd May - out & about (2).JPG


Dormouse Class carried out an investigation to find out if they could create an egg protector which would keep a real egg safe when they dropped it.  They planned what materials they would need and then followed their plans carefully to make their egg protectors. 


Careful designing!


The children have been learning that bees are in danger because of the changes in our towns and countryside. It can be hard for bees to find enough flowers so they have been planting sunflowers to help the bees.


Careful gardening!

Spring Term 2019

This term’s topic was “Bears, Bears Everywhere”.

Balanceability Week

The children enjoyed learning to ride balance bikes. The instructors taught them how to stop safely, speed up and to say “Excuse Me!” when overtaking.


Learning to ride balance bikes.

In Reception the temperatures were chilly.... the children learnt about polar bears.  They printed polar bears using cotton wool and added their features using black paint.


Printing polar bears

Shrove Tuesday

The children enjoyed whisking a batter and cooking pancakes. They tasted them with sugar and lemon juice.


Whisking the batter together.


Cooking the pancakes.

Paddington Bear isn't the only one who loves marmalade sandwiches! Paddington Bear arrived in our classroom on Monday and the children made him feel at home by making marmalade sandwiches and then writing a set of instructions on how to make them.


Making marmalade sandwiches.

Autumn Term 2018

The topic this term was "Knock! Knock!".

Reception received a letter from Santa so they walked to the local letter box to post their replies.


I hope the letter gets to Santa in time!

Reception had a lovely walk to the village with lots of parent helpers.


Through the woods.


Careful crossing of the road!

Reception class had to listen carefully and count the number of beads being dropped into the pot. Then working as a team they had to check by counting and find the correct numicon shape to represent the number.


Listening & Counting

The children collected leaves which they used to make hedgehogs.


Using leaves to make a hedgehog.

Reception class enjoyed getting physical in the afternoons with Play Doh and music!


Play Doh & Music!

Reception children settled quickly in to school life.


Cutting and sticking




In our own play area.

Year 1 Topic

Autumn Term 2019

“Squires, Swords & Shields” is the topic the children are studying this term.

Summer Term 2019

The topic this term is “Wild & Wonderful”.

To start their topic the children learned about nocturnal animals, sorting different animals into night-time and day-time animals.



Visit from Sussex Wildlife Trust

Squirrel Class had a great time on their Wildlife Day - there was pond dipping, mini beast hunts, looking at animal skeletons and creative natural art. A fun day for everyone!


Careful studying!

Year 1 made their own 'minibeast' music scores and performed these in groups. Well done for keeping in time!



Year 1 learnt about the butterfly life cycle. They watched the caterpillars grow over the week and are looking forward to seeing the butterflies emerge.



Spring Term 2019

“On The Move” was the topic in Year 1 this term.

“On The Move” Dancing

Year 1 enjoyed a half term of dance learning a racing car dance to the Grand Prix music and then travelling for a Bollywood dance. Some brilliant dancing from all! 

Photo 2.JPG

“On The Move” Dance

Scooting & Skateboarding

The children had a fun morning learning to scoot and skateboard safely.





A gentleman from the Penny Farthing Club came in to school to teach the children about the penny farthing and to let them have a ride.


A penny farthing


Having a try!

Year 1 walked to the park to find different adjectives to describe the park before using them to write their own exciting poems.


Collecting ideas to create poems.

Autumn Term 2018

Our topic this term was “In A Land Far, Far Away”.

Dancing, eating and drinking were great fun at the Key Stage 1 Ball.



Year 1 have been learning the stories of Hansel and Gretel and The Little Red Hen. They made bread and it was lots of fun!

Bread making 5.JPG

Making bread.

The children made porridge for The Three Bears.

P1030526 for Newsletter.JPG

Tasting the porridge to make sure it was perfect!

P1030502 for Newsletter.JPG

Making porridge

Year 2 Topic

Autumn Term 2019

“Squires, Swords & Shields” is the topic the children are studying this term.

Summer Term 2019

The topic for Year 2 in the summer is “Wild and Wonderful”.

Year 2 kicked off their new topic, Wild and Wonderfu,l by starting to research nocturnal animals and are well on their way to making wildlife posters.

Wild & Wonderful.JPG


Year 2 have created a piece of owl artwork. They have been using coloured paper to replicate the owl’s feathers and have tried hard to rip the paper so that it gives a feathery texture.

Yr 2 art photo.JPG

Owl Artwork

Tawny Owl class were captivated by the Sussex Wildlife Trust; they found lots of tadpoles in our pond and learnt about creatures in the Wildlife Area.


Let Me Show You This!

Year 2 have been ‘Bat-tasting’! Following their very successful poetry writing, they have made bats.

Photo 1.jpg

What do you think we used to make these bats?

Spring Term 2019

Year 2’s topic was “On The Move”.

The children learnt about the first moon landing. They worked hard making fact files about space travel. Maybe one of them will journey into space one day!

Moon Landing work.jpg

Moon Landing Fact Files

Scooting and Skateboarding

Year 2 enjoyed learning to scoot and skateboard safely.


Scooting with Mrs Richardson.


Learning to skateboard safely

The children had fun writing their own naughty bus stories. They published their stories and shared them with Year 1 and Reception. 

Naughty Bus.JPG

Naughty! Naughty!

They had a visit from the Penny Farthing Club. The children learned the history of the penny farthing and had a turn on a smaller version. They were inspired to research bicycles and created some superb fact files.

Noah & bike pictures.JPG

Work inspired by the visit from the Penny Farthing Club

Year Two enjoyed the start of their topic ‘On the Move’. They collected suitable verbs and adjectives whilst on the playground equipment to make a range of playground poems. 

Playground poems.jpg

Having fun collecting ideas to create poetry.

Autumn Term 2018

Our topic this term was "In A Land Far, Far Away".

Year 2 used their drama skills! They acted out wolf pack behaviour in the wildlife area and used their drama experience to help their writing.

Wolf acting.jpg

Acting like a wolf.

The Key Stage 1 Ball was great fun - the children enjoyed dancing, eating and drinking.


Food and drink time at The Ball.

A trail of breadcrumbs appeared outside the Year 2 classroom door which the children followed to a sweet-making kitchen.


Crushing biscuits to make Rocky Road


Melting chocolate

After receiving a letter from Goldilocks, Year 2 have made and tasted some porridge. They have been writing instructions using imperative verbs and they plan to send their delicious recipes to Goldilocks. 


Cooking the porridge.

Chaos in the Key Stage 1 corridor! Year 2 have found a trail of breadcrumbs and are trying to find out who left them.

Breadcrumb Trail.JPG

Who has made this mess?

Year 3 Class Topic

Autumn Term 2019

The children are studying “Rule Britannica!” this term.

Summer Term 2019

Winners of The Beano Competition - Britain’s Funniest Class

Year 3 have been voted Britain’s Funniest Class.


Well done!

Beano Comedy Workshop

The children had a hilarious time at the Beano Comedy Workshop.


What a laugh!


It’s a Whoopie Cushion!

Year 3 are studying the “Awesome Egyptians”.

Year 3 have been investigating and creating structures to understand more about how a shaduf works.

Photo 1.jpg

Construction of a shaduf.

Fox Class have been working hard on their Ancient Egyptian Cinderella stories. When the stories were finished the children turned them into books.

Cinderella Stories 1.jpg

Careful copying.

Cinderella Stories 2.jpg

Great concentration!

Trip to Brighton Museum

The children enjoyed exploring the museum and investigating all the artefacts on display. Their workshop was about mummification and they mummified a dummy.

Photo 21.jpg

Dressed like an Egyptian!

Science Week

As part of Science Week, Year 3 examined their fingerprints for arches, loops and whorls.

Photo 3.jpg

Using a magnifying glass

Spring Term 2019

Year 3’s topic is “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”.

To begin their topic, the children used atlases to locate the mountain ranges of the world.

Learning about Mountains.JPG

Vital research using an atlas.

Year 3 worked together to create a large picture of mountains - each person used paint, pastels and collage to reproduce a small section of the original.


Using glue and collage


Pastels and paint were used here first then some tissue collage added.

“ Climbing Wall” Day

The children faced the challenge of the climbing wall, cooked white rocky mountain and performed a science investigation.


On the climbing wall


Cooking white rocky mountain.

Year 3 Science Fair

In Science focusing on forces, Year 3 have devised games using magnets. They held a Science Fair so that they could play each others’ games.


Magnet games

Autumn Term 2018

Our topic was "Stones & Bones".

The children had great fun acting out scenes from “Ug, Boy Genius of the Stone Age” and then scribing the dialogue.




Written dialogue.

The children wrote instructions about how to brush a sabre tooth tiger’s teeth.


Concentrating hard!

Year 3 created some woolly mammoths and then wrote instructions about how to make them.


A Woolly Mammoth


Inspired Writing

Trip to Worthing Museum

The children explored the Museum, looking at artefacts from Stone Age times. They were also able to handle relics from this era that had been found in the local area.


Handling artefacts


Archaeological digging.

In Gymnastics, Year 3 have been exploring the different shapes that they can make with their bodies including: thin, small, round and wide shapes.


What shapes are they making here?

Year 4 Class Topic

Autumn Term 2019

The children are studying “Rule Britannica!” this term.

Summer Term 2019

Year 4’s studies this term will lead them to discover the “Awesome Egyptians”.

The children have been learning about the importance of the River Nile and some of the sites located along it.They have also learnt about the Rosetta Stone and looked at hieroglyphics, creating messages to each other using these hieroglyphics.

9th May 3.jpg


In their D.T. lessons, Year 4 have been looking at Egyptian Shadufs and making prototypes.

Photo 1.jpg

Careful construction

Trip To Brighton Museum

The trip to Brighton Museum was brilliant; the children explored the museum and examined the artefacts. They learnt about Ancient Egyptian life and mummified a dummy.




I am an Egyptian!

Science Week

Year 4 enjoyed various activities during Science Week including extracting DNA from a strawberry and making DNA bracelets.

21st june 2.jpg

DNA from a strawberrry

Spring Term 2019

“Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” was Year 4’s topic during the spring.

Year 4 learned about division in Maths using a variety of apparatus to help them.

Maths 1.jpg

Learning how to divide.

Climbing Wall Day

The children faced the challenge of the climbing wall, made white rocky mountain and performed a science investigation.

Climbing  (1).JPG

Climbing with confidence.

photo 3.jpg

Science investigation

Violin Recital

Year 4 performed at a violin recital for their parents after only a term’s tuition - Mr Hill was really proud of them.




Following the conductor’s instructions.

Autumn Term 2018

The topic this term was "Stones & Bones".

Cake Sale for Zoe’s Charity, Caudwell Children

Year 4 held a Cake Sale and raised over £440 for Caudwell Children.


All ready to sell cakes.

The children wrote non-chronological reports about imaginary animals that lived in the Stone Age.

Woolly Mammoths 2.jpg

On Display

Woolly Mammoths.jpg

Superb Non-Chronological Report Writing

Year 4 wrote postcards after imagining they had travelled back to the Stone Age.

Stone Age postcards.jpg

Stone Age Postcards.

Visit to Worthing Museum

The children explored Worthing Museum, focusing on the artefacts from Stone Age times. They also participated in an archaeological dig and were able to handle the relics they found.

Photo 1.jpg

Archaeological dig.

photo 2.jpg

Chalk rubbing.

Year 5 Topic

Autumn Term 2019

The children’s topic this term is “Keep Calm & Carry On!”

Summer Term 2019

Year 5 will be discovering”Who Let The Gods Out?” this term.

Badger class had an exciting start to their topic by having a 'mock' flight to Greece. They made passports, had them stamped and went through security before finally being seated on the aeroplane. Then they were served refreshments whilst learning some fun facts about Greece.

Mock flight to Greece - April 2019.JPG

On the Aircraft

Reading Week

Year 5 had a wonderful workshop with the talented Aaron Bletcha as part of their Reading Week. Their work is absolutely incredible!

Photo 3.jpg

Stunning Illustrating

Ancient Greece Day

The children came to school dressed as Ancient Greeks. Throughout the day, they tasted Greek food, played sport in The Olympics, performed Greek drama and participated in a workshop from The Rainbow Theatre.


What shall I choose?


Hard work!

Go-Ride Week from British Cycling

They explored bike handling, cycle limbo, some group riding and finished the week with elimination racing.


One-handed cycling

Spring Term 2019

Music Festival Resources

You can access the music for “Hooray for Horsham” by clicking on the links below:-


Country Life

One Moment, One People

Only Remembered

Plynie Statek

Sussex Sports Medley

The Ghost of John

To A Skylark

Year 5’s topic this term was “The Vikings Are Coming!”.

Year 5 played the game 'Exquisite Corpse' in English to help them create a monster.  They wrote a description of their monster before they went on to writing instructions based on how to trap him/her!


A Monster!

In Maths, Year 5 learnt how to multiply a three-digit number by a two-digit number.  Their knowledge of times tables really helped them!


Careful concentration!

Year 5 showed off their creative skills; their fabulous writing was sent off to be entered in the West Sussex Writing Competition. Good luck Year 5!

Photo 1.JPG

Fabulous writing

Viking Day

Year 5 became Viking warriors for the day, experiencing what it was like to live in Viking times.


Viking Victory

Year 5 retold the story of Beowulf by writing their own books. They linked their Art and English together by designing their front cover with a monster eye before finally creating this eye as a clay sculpture.


Front covers

Autumn Term 2018

Our topic this term was "Into The Unknown".

Year 5 had a very creative start to the term and all made their own skyship in preparation for their 'Brightstorm' topic.  In addition to this, they enjoyed the visit and workshops from Vashti Hardy and afterwards wrote their persuasive text to become a member of the crew.

P1040147 Newsletter 21st Sept 2.JPG

Meeting Vashti Hardy.

Year 5 continued their work on Brightstorm and lots of their fantastic work went on display in the classroom.


Classroom Display

During their ICT lessons, Year 5 looked at 'Hour of Code'.  They created their own flappy bird game, making the bird fly through a variety of obstacles gaining points as it travelled.

Hour of Code 3.jpg

Flappy Bird Game

It was an exciting time on Times Tables Rockstars, with Year 5 and Year 6 going into a tournament battle against each other. The Staff were very proud of the level of participation resulting in their speed and accuracy in times table knowledge being dramatically improved. 

Year 5 Battle of The Bands.jpg

Battle of The Bands Year 5 winners

Year 5 studied the work of Lichtenstein this term. They used the theme of pop art to create their own portraits. Here are a few pictures from their gallery...can you guess who they are? 

PopArt 1.jpg

Who is this?

PopArt 2.jpg

And this?

Year 6 Topic

Autumn Term 2019

The children’s topic this term is “Keep Calm & Carry On!”

Summer Term 2019

Year 6 will “Meet The Greeks” during the summer.

Ancient Greece Day

The children came to school dressed as Ancient Greeks. Throughout the day, they tasted Greek food, played sport in The Olympics, performed Greek drama and participated in a workshop from The Rainbow Theatre.


A superb jump!


Hard work!

Year 6 Residential Trip to Fairthorne Manor

The week started with stormy weather which developed into a glorious week of sunshine and plenty of fun activities including abseiling, stand-up paddle-boarding and den building.

Lifejackets on!.jpg

Lifejackets on!


Team work makes the dream work!


How muddy am I?!

Spring Term 2019

The topic for the children in Year 6 was “The Vikings Are Coming!”. They kicked off their new topic by inventing their own Invasion Games in PE.

Invasion Games.jpg

Invasion Games

The children explored texture and pattern to create their own Dragon Eye sculptures.

Dragon eye - texture & colour.jpg

Dragon Eye Sculptures

Year 6 thoroughly enjoyed interviewing prospective candidates for the role of Viking Hero. They asked some very interesting questions!

Interviewing Viking heroes.jpg

Interview time!

Viking Day

What a bunch of vicious Vikings! Year 6 thoroughly enjoyed their workshop, learning huge amounts, experiencing Viking life by handling artefacts but – without a shadow of a doubt –the most enjoyable part was using a sword to chop their teacher’s “head” off!

Please note : no teachers were harmed during this workshop – a few cabbages met a rather sticky end though!


Viking Warriors

The children flexed their artistic muscles! They used colour wash techniques and a palette of “cold” colours to create the front covers of their Viking saga books. Their pictures had to be ominous and foreboding to mirror their stories.

Front covers - viking Saga Books.jpg

Artists at work!

Autumn Term 2018

Our topic this term was "Into The Unknown".

In Year 6 the children made their own networks to help them understand how computing networks operate.

Making networks.jpg

Making networks

Year 6 learnt about the importance of E-Safety. They thought about how they would react in different scenarios & created some very informative Online Safety posters which are displayed around the school to help younger children make sensible choices.

E-Safety posters.jpg

Creating E-Safety posters.

Bikeability Week in Year 6 was a great success – the children learnt to cycle safely on the roads.


Getting started.


On the way back to Castlewood.

It was an exciting time on Times Tables Rockstars, with Year 5 and Year 6 going into a tournament battle against each other. The Staff were very proud of the level of participation resulting in the students’ speed and accuracy in times table knowledge being dramatically improved. 

Yera 6 Battle of the Bands.jpg

Year 6 Winners of Battle of the Bands.

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