Reception Topic

Spring Term 2018

Chinese Day

The children learnt how to cook a vegetable stir fry, tried prawn crackers and practised using chopsticks. The Chinese Workshop taught them about dancing with a Chinese dragon.

Using chopsticks

Using chopsticks

Dressed as a dragon.

Dressed as a dragon.

Practising the dance.

Practising the dance.

Our topic is "Bears, Bears, Everywhere". Remember you can see what we have been doing using Tapestry.

A creature is hiding in the cave in Reception. Who could it be?

Who is sleeping here?

Who is sleeping here?

Reception children have been asking the question “How do bears keep warm when they are hibernating?” They carried out a science experiment using a fur-covered hot water bottle and an uncovered one.


Autumn Term 2017

The children made "Gruffalo Crumble". It was sticky and sweet and they took it home to share with their families.


Smoothing out the crumble, ready for baking.

Reception children settled in to life in school. Their topic was "Webs, Woods & Wild".


The children have been exploring their classroom and outdoor area.


Here we are relaxing and looking at books.


Learning about Spinderella!


Making ladders to help Monkey get down from Mrs McMahon's speaker.

Year 1 Topic

Spring Term 2018

We are on an "Arctic Adventure". The children have started their new topic by role playing an adventure to the Arctic. In their Art lesson, they have created an Arctic scene using paints and tissue paper. We had fun!


Using tissue paper and glue in Arctic Art lessons.

The children have enjoyed creating their own Arctic poems about Arctic animals, using some brilliant adjectives.


How do we feel?


What adjectives describe how we are feeling?

Autumn Term 2017

Sir Teachalot Visits Year 1

Year 1 looked at medieval armour, took part in a joust and learnt how to be a knight.


Victory over Mrs Dedman!


At the joust!


The children developed their stirring, mixing and kneading skills when they made bread. They also learned about proving and how yeast works.


Stirring the ingredients together.


Kneading the dough.

Year 1 went on "A Secret Quest". They found an egg in the school grounds and then tried to build one of their own.

Finding an egg with Mrs Dedman.

Finding an egg with Mrs Dedman.

Building an egg.

Building an egg.

We designed and made a drawbridge to help rescue the princess from the castle.

We designed and made a drawbridge to help rescue the princess from the castle.

Year 2 Topic

Spring Term 2018

Our topic this term is "Pole to Pole". Year 2 have started their topic by learning about polar bears and the Arctic. Thank you for all the milk cartons;construction of our igloo has started!


Working with Miss Allan to get the best consruction plan.


It's very chilly in this igloo!

Autumn Term 2017

Year 2's topic was "Squires, Swords and Shields". Sir Teachalot came in to school to show us his medieval armour and teach us how to joust and become a medieval knight.


Miss Allan begging for mercy from a knight!


Who is this knight in shining armour?

We have been working hard settling in to Year 2.

Here we are outside our classroom.

Here we are outside our classroom.

Learning outside on the playground.

Learning outside on the playground.

Year 3 Class Topic

Spring Term 2018

This term we are studying "Storms & Shipwrecks". We started their new topic by building shelters, finding a safe way to evacuate the school after being hit by a storm and learning about different types of disasters.

Topic day 2.jpeg

Topic Day - our shelter.

The visit to Portsmouth Historic Dockyard and H.M.S. Victory was interesting and enjoyable , despite the wet weather. We looked around the museum, found out about life on board The Victory and the different jobs that there were to do.

First photo.jpg

Dressing up on board H.M.S. Victory.

Second photo.jpg


Autumn Term 2017

Year 3 studied The Romans.

Clay Tile Making

They made clay tiles carefully and precisely.


The children visited Fishbourne Roman Palace. They wrote on wax tablets, explored the museum, dressed in a toga and made an archway out of bricks.


Learning about life in Roman Times

We listened to the curator to learn what a slave's job involved.


Life as a Slave

A slave had to work hard!


Building an Archway

We had to concentrate well to be successful at this task.

Year 4 Class Topic

Spring Term 2018

"Storms & Shipwrecks" are the basis for our learning this term and we started by building shelters, finding a safe way to evacuate the school after being hit by a storm and learning about different types of disasters.


Surviving a disaster!

We visited Portsmouth Historic Dockyard and explored H.M.S. Victory. We learned about what it was like during a battle on board a ship and compared warfare today and throughout history. We also learned about the different jobs on board The Victory.

photo 4.jpg

Looking for other battleships!

Year 4 Ewan.jpg

All kinds of equipment.

Year 4.jpg

Looking at artefacts.

Autumn Term 2017

The children have been busy designing and creating shoes and making clay tiles to paint for mosaic.


Stitching and sticking.


Using clay and cutting precisely.

Year 4 learned about life in Roman times. They visited Fishbourne Roman Palace where they spun wool, made mosaic patterns, created an arch out of bricks and learned about the jobs of a slave. 


Spinning wool


Under the brick archway.


Creating mosaic patterns.

The children took part in an archeological dig in the school grounds and found some Roman artefacts.

Hunting for Roman artefacts.

Hunting for Roman artefacts.

Year 5 Topic

Spring Term 2018 - Year 5 Music Festival

Spring Term 2018

We are on a "Polar Adventure" this term; Year 5 started their  topic with an ice sphere melting to reveal a message from Sir Ernest Shackleton which led onto writing a persuasive letter applying to be part of his crew on The Endurance.


Our Ice Sphere.


What will be inside?


Let's Apply!

Autumn Term 2017

Year 5 had a very special visitor: a WW2 evacuee.  Molly told them all about her experiences when she was evacuated from Portsmouth to Loxwood.

Year 5 and Visitor.jpg

To commemorate Remembrance Day, the children wrote some thought-provoking poems which they put on display in the classroom.

Year 5 Display.jpg

We will remember them.

Year 5 studied World War II. They went for a trip on The Bluebell Railway dressed as evacuees to experience life in the early 1940s.


At the station.


I wonder where we are going?


At our destination.

Year 6 Topic

Spring Term 2018

"Polar Adventure" is the focus for our studies this term; the children conducted a range of “Frozen Oceans” investigations as part of an introduction to their topic. They made Arctic food webs, trained like explorers – including taking part in sleeping bag relays to see if they would be quick enough to avoid frostbite! – and thought about the best insulating material for cold climates recreating blubber using butter and bubble wrap.

For newsletter 12th Jan.jpg

Food webs.

Autumn Term 2017

Year 6 studied World War II. They produced some really creative World War II gardens.


The visit to the Bluebell Railway helped the children experience what it was like to be evacuated.


At the station.


What will happen to us?


On the steam train.

It seems like a long journey!


In the Tunnel.


Who will take care of us?

Bikeability Week

First of all the children learnt how to check that their bicycle and cycle helmetwere roadworthy. Then they were out in the local vicinity learning how to ride safely as part of the traffic.


Turning right from a main road in to a side road.


Moving right from a side on to a main road.

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